The Deal (2007)

Starring: William H. Macy and Meg Ryan

Directed by Steven Schachter

Format: Widescreen DVD

Taglines: “Roll the cameras.”

“Two people have never been so wrong for each other.”

“Charlie Berns (William H. Macy) is a veteran Hollywood movie producer who has given up on his career and life.  That is until his idealistic screenwriter nephew (Jason Ritter) comes bearing the script of a lifetime and Charlie decides to give his career one final shot.  The only thing standing in his way is Diedre Hearn (Meg Ryan), a sharp-witted studio executive brought in to keep Charlie in line.  But when their A-list action star (LL Cool J) gets kidnapped and the studio shuts down their movie, Charlie and Diedre reluctantly team up to pull off one of the biggest hustles in Hollywood history and, amidst the chaos, suprisingly discover they are falling for each other.”

My Story:

My mom sent me this movie while I was up at college.  She told me that this movie was hysterical and that I HAD to watch it.  Now, my mom and I probably agree about 75% of the time on movies, but I am sometimes a little weary of her claims.  One example that sticks out was when she told me how good the sexual tension of Twilight was.  But you know, stuff like this only makes up 25%.  I like William H. Macy enough and comedies have a little more leeway in my mind, so I might as well give it a shot now to take a break from the long list of horror films I have yet to watch.

My Thoughts:

  • If it’s any consolation, some trailers before the film looked like tolerable movies.  Except for JVCD.
  • Mr. Macy is looking kinda down in the dumps.  That and he’s trying to kill himself…
  • HA! The thought of LL Cool J in a movie stopped William Macy from killing himself. Probably would’ve stopped me as well.
  • I realized that I refer to the film characters by the actor’s names, but I feel as if it is a lot more amusing that way.  I’ll keep it.
  • Well, that was really fast.  Macy stopped being suicidal because Jason Ritter gave him a script where he cast LL Cool J as an 1800s English Prime Minister?  Not even 10 minutes in to the film.
  • There is quite a large tree in Macy’s empty pool.  Oh, they worked that into the script, thanks Meg Ryan!
  • “You’re not nudgeable.” Hmmmm, I like that fake word.
  • “We’re in the entertainment business, I’m entertaining myself.  What else are we gonna do? Get all depressed and suck on the tailpipe of our car?” A man of great wisdom.
  • Macy’s car is started very much like my own car: with a pull string.
  • Nice little social message about South Africa thrown in there.
  • I have a feeling this film is all going to be the same.  Meg Ryan will do something witty, then William Macy will be a jerk, back and forth with the same music going on.
  • They keep talking about selling a film studio to the Canadians.  Does this happen so often?
  • LL Cool J has a hoped up, newly converted Jewish actor. The best.
  • Film crew yamakas!
  • I feel like the film this movie is about is like Kung Pow: Enter the Fist. Except for a Black, Jewish, action star.
  • “We could be doing some significant shit here. A real mitzvah.” I feel like I can’t really mock a comedy like this.
  • Meg Ryan’s sunglasses are so square and bothersome.
  • I love when a goodbye moment in a film is literally called a “goodbye moment” by the characters.
  • I feel as if I’ve run out of things to say about this film.  It has become a bit absurd.  And not in an “HAHAHA this is ridiculous! I love it!” But more like an, “Oh my, this is strange and I can’t follow this.”
  • I want to be on the set of a film when it’s all a wrap.  That’d be so cool.

The Verdict:

The pacing was quite fast.  I spent more time wondering what  was going on in The Deal than I was comfortable with.  And I think with comedy, you shouldn’t be so disoriented when it comes to the story.  I do like movies about movies though, so that was a plus. It had hints of Bowfinger in it I feel, and I like to be able to see how Hollywood depicts Hollywood.  The performances by Macy and Ryan were pretty plain, but they fit perfectly into these characters.  And the supporting cast all played their characters well.  The complexity of the relationship between characters is quite nice, and the dialogue was written well.  The wittiness of Macy and Ryan’s characters was well done, but unfortunately that only did so much to try and override the other faults of the film.  It was a cute movie.  Yes, I said it was a cute movie because it is!  It’s a romantic comedy with a literal Hollywood setting, and I thought the idea was great.  The execution, however, could’ve been better.  Props to mom for picking out an interesting film.


2 responses to “The Deal (2007)

  1. Ok, you didn’t get the film, you were looking too hard. But hey, that’s OK. This may be for a more “mature” crowd who know about parody! I’m just glad you gave it a shot!!!

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