Brutal Massacre: A Comedy (2007)

Brutal Massacre: A Comedy Starring: David Naughton, Brian O’Halloran, Gerry Bednob, Ellen Sandweiss, Ken Foree, Gunnar Hansen

Directed by Stevan Mena

Format:Widescreen DVD

Tagline: “So funny…it hurts!”

“What has the world come to when the director of Sasquatch at the Mall can’t get a gig?  That’s what horror auteur Harry Penderecki (David Naughton) is wondering.  Once considered a horror legend, with a string of hits like Bowel Movement, People Pesticide and I’ll Take the Ring Back and the Finger Too, he now finds himself on the outside looking in at Hollywood.  Determined to make his comeback, Penderecki returns to direct what he believes will be his ultimate masterpiece, Brutal Massacre.  Follow along with this documentary crew to discover whether Harry will reassert his genius, or remain a relic of the ’80s.”

My Story:

I first heard about this film through Fangoria magazine. I don’t know if there was an article or an advertisement or what, but I had somehow known about it. Then a year later I went to Rock and Shock, a horror convention in Worcester, MA.  There, I had met and interviewed Brian O’Halloran for my high school.  He had mention that he had done a film called Brutal Massacre and the film was brought back to my attention.  The next year, I went to the same convention and got an autograph from Gunnar Hansen, also an actor in this film.  I felt as if I had put off purchasing the film enough and finally bought it.  But of course, as you know from this blog, purchasing and viewing are not the same thing.  It only took me a few months to watch it here and now; it could’ve been worse.

My Thoughts:

  • I have a feeling this film is going to touch my soul. Especially when the mockumentary starts out at Fangoria’s Weekend of Horrors.
  • This already reminds me of The Deal. The fact that David Naughton doesn’t want to show investors his script is quite amusing.
  • “You can’t sell these fright films if there’s no nakedness.” Hahahaha.
  • Another film about Hollywood on Hollywood, except in the realm of B-movies.
  • So far it’s kind of amusing, just the satire of exploitation and B-rate horror movies.  It’s something I can appreciate.
  • A slasher movie for kids!
  • I can’t watch Brian O’Halloran do anything without thinking of Dante from Clerks.
  • I make the misconception that Scorsese directed Apocalypse Now just like they did in this movie.  I’m so ashamed.
  • Gunnar Hansen is great.Gunnar Hansen
  • Silent prayer to the film gods? Understandable I guess.
  • I feel like Troma should’ve had something to do with the film they are making in the movie. Terror Firmer anyone?
  • Ken Foree is great as well, especially when you think of him as Mr. Rockmore.
  • If I had to compare once again to The Deal, which I know I shouldn’t, Brutal Massacre is easier to grasp the satire of filmmaking.  But then I guess The Deal was really about Hollywood and business and not the production process as much.  That and the romantic story.
  • Man, I wish my town still had a Movie Gallery like the one in this film.  They even have the Dot Sale!
  • Where did Hansen’s character go?
  • The film within the film could not have been a union shoot.
  • Do you know how hard it is to write about a movie that’s about the filming of a movie? I should’ve thought about this before hand.  This isn’t going to be the best write up.
  • Brian O’Halloran is so Clerks., I can’t even take it.
  • Oh man, I wasn’t going to trust any film labs if the lab in this movie destroyed their film.  I know that game.

The Verdict:

I had an appreciation for it because I’m a horror fan, but I don’t know if I totally see the same appeal happening for others.  If you’re into mockumentary, it’s done pretty well.  Though at some parts, that documentary feel was unnaturally broken.  It’s a fun movie nonetheless.  There isn’t anything fantastic about this movie, except maybe Gunnar Hansen’s excessive use of “fuck” and it’s various forms.  And in my mind, I didn’t feel as if it was a totally developed story or idea.  But that’s not really my place to be.  Overall, I was amused.  But I was the target audience, so the film accomplished that much.  This review is a bit shorter than usual, but I found it tough to critique this.  I liked it well enough, but it could’ve been better.


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