The Loot: 5/15/10

I’m writing this the day after because I was in Brooklyn all weekend without reliable internet access.  However, I must keep you all updated on my purchase history.

All of these were purchased at Strand in Manhattan.  Yes, at the store known for books I managed to buy 4 DVDs and 0 books.

  • Sold Out: A Threevening with Kevin Smith
  • Mystery Team
  • Home Sick
  • Once

I’m very much excited about all of these.  I’ve been wanting to see Derrick Comedy’s Mystery Team since I first saw the trailer in 2008.  And I love any of the Evenings with Kevin Smith.  Home Sick was picked out by my wonderful girlfriend Carly; an awesomely B-movie found by her.  And Once just looks too cute to pass up.  Be on the look-out for another review in the near future.  And by near, I mean probably within the next day or so.

Mystery Team


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