Mystery Team (2009)

Starring: Donald Glover, D.C. Pierson and Dominic Dierkes

Directed by Dan Eckman

Format: DVD

Tagline: “Saving the world from sex, drugs, and swear words.”

“They were kid detectives.  Now they’re eighteen and still solving child crimes.  But when the Mystery Team is challenged to solve a murder, they’re pulled into a dangerous world of sex, drugs, and swear words.  From DERRICK Comedy, the Internet comedy sensation whose short films have been viewed over 150 million times online, comes this strangely hilarious, completely unique film that’s been called ‘Encyclopedia Brown meets Napoleon Dynamite with a pinch of Ace Ventura.'” 

My Story:

Well, Mystery Team isn’t a movie that has been sitting on my shelf long.  I only bought it on Saturday.  I have been so eager to watch it though, that it jumped up quite high on my list.  I absolutely love DERRICK Comedy, the comedy troupe that wrote this movie.  I think all their stuff is hilarious.  And I have absolutely no doubts about this movie being funny going into it.  Three friends and I sit down to see what Mystery Team has in store for us.

My Thoughts:

  • Oh my god, this is ten minutes in and I am laughing out loud a lot.
  • Now they have to solve a MURDER!
  • The Mystery Team keeps saying “neato” and I want to start saying it.
  • Bobby Moynihan as the grocery store clerk is fantastic.
  • The Mystery Team goes to a gentleman’s club all dressed similarly to the Monopoly man, that’s priceless.
  • My friend Jimmy is literally crying laughing while watching this.
  • “Flipped faster than a Sunday morning pancake.” Why yes it did.
  • The “whodunit” aspect of this story is really good.
  • The coke dealer in this movie is sketchballs.  But, I would assume that a lot of coke dealers are sketchballs.
  • The comedy is classic. So is the mystery.
  • I love the term “living the dream.”
  • Oh man, the Mystery Team is fighting! 😦
  • I guess the underlying stories are very generic, but the chain of events is incredible.
  • My friend Albert is now laughing hysterically as well.
  • Showdown in the lumber yard!

The Verdict:

As I said before, I feel that it is quite hard to write about comedy.  As you can see in “my thoughts,” there weren’t too many.  I haven’t figured out the best way to write about comedy yet.  But I didn’t want to keep this movie from you all because it was fantastic.  It was very well written and very funny.  Like I had mentioned, it took basic/classic aspects of comedy and mystery and put them into a contemporary story.  With very crude sexual humor, but funny nonetheless.  One thing that did sort of bother me in the first half of the movie were the same static shots of the Mystery Team.  All three of them would be lined up in front of the camera in a superhero-esque pose as they talk about the mystery.  This could’ve been part of the comedy that I mistook for repetitive shots though, so it really wasn’t a huge problem.  It was a movie that I thought was written very well and kept my attention just as well as any of DERRICK Comedy’s 3-minute shorts.  Very generic comedy and mystery guidelines helped mold a hilarious film that I highly recommend to anyone looking for a break from the same-old.


2 responses to “Mystery Team (2009)

  1. Donald Glover is so cute! His might be my favorite character on Community.

  2. living the dream!

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