Trick or Treat (1986)

Starring: Marc Price, Tony Fields, Doug Savant, Gene Simmons and Ozzy Osbourne

Directed by Charles Martin Smith

Format: DVD

Tagline: “A deadly obsession turns into a spine tingling horror.”

“Eddie Weinbauer is a typical All-American teenager, at least he was until he fell under the evil spell of Rock Music.  Now he’s obsessed with his heavy-metal superstar idol, Sammi Curr, who is killed in a hotel fire.  Eddie becomes the recipient of the only copy of Curr’s unreleased album, which when played backwards sends a message of destruction and as Halloween approaches, Eddie begins to realize this isn’t only rock ‘n roll…it’s life and death and he must draw the line to thwart this mission.”

My Story:

Let me just start off by saying that I have a wonderful girlfriend.  She’s goes on vacation somewhere in Pennsylvania for a week and comes back with 3 VHS’ and 2 DVDs of movies that look like they will be incredibly awful.  A girl after my own heart, let me tell you.  One of these movies is Trick or Treat. I’ve had my eye on Trick or Treat for a while.  It popped up every once in a while in the used section of the video store, but I always passed on it.  So, being the amazing person she is, she buys it for me and brings it back home.  It sits around for a few months before we both find the time and energy to sit and watch it.  I say energy because by the looks of this film, it seems like it’ll be 93 minutes of awfulness.

Our Thoughts: (Kyle in Black, Carly in Red)

  • Music performed by Fastway? Who is THAT?
  • But it’s original so it must be good
  • Mistaken wave at the school locker. I know that game.
  • Spilled chocolate milk in the cafeteria. Followed by bullies and a gym locker steamy shower.
  • Typical bullied high schooler.  And by typical, I mean stereotypical.  Suicidal because of high school.
  • his nickname is Ragman. seriously right now?
  • Sammi Curr – Ragman’s Hero – (who the eff?) eats a snake onstage…does he know he ain’t Ozzy?
  • the only logical reaction i can come up with here is to grind on my mattress and sob in my cutoff shorts.
  • He’s ripping down all of his heavy metal posters.  He will only listen to new wave from now on.
  • “dead or alive; it doesnt matter” really? i find dead harder to listen to…but maybe thats just me.
  • Gene Simmons would be the radio DJ.
  • and the voice of reason.
  • That Sammi Curr 45″ is possessed DON’T play it at midnight on Halloween.
  • Ragman you weren’t invited to the pool party. don’t go just b/c the love interest will be there.
  • his license plate WOULD say Ragman
  • What is this Carrie?
  • i cant wait to see his bathing suit.
  • Hey Ragman, nice mullet.
  • im drowning im drowning!!!!
  • the love interest WOULD save him…in a white shirt. and now shes all wet. what to do, what to do?!
  • Oh Carly, she has a BATHING suit on! Don’t be gross… 😛
  • Sammi Curr is talking backwards.  So metal.
  • demon possessed?
  • you don’t mind if i squeeze in here at the table do you? I’m pretty, I’m the love interest…
  • i like Ragman’s tight ripped jeans
  • Can the metalhead outrun jocks?  How is he so agile?
  • “why dont you go on down to Hunan’s Gardens, buy yourselves a bag of fortune cookies, and plan out the rest of your week?” what does that MEAN?!
  • aw yeah cassette tape
  • paired with the record?! nonsense!
  • The backmasked Sammi Curr record is now making plans with Ragman.
  • Ragman get to bed, it’s after 11 o clock! Love, Mom.
  • the record now moves on its own?
  • Sammi Curr leads Ragman to the woodshop room…what?
  • Is his bagged lunch a PB&J with the crusts cut off?
  • “Do you think I’m a wuss?” Well, I mean you’re throwing wrenches…your call.
  • Ragman, how big is the gap in your teeth?
  • i now rock out to all my metal backwards while i run red lights
  • thanks for folding my laundry mom in your pink shirt! because this movie couldnt be any MORE stereotypical
  • Uh oh, mom’s creeping around the room. I hope she doesn’t find his Sammi Stash!
  • the music started spontaneously and everything’s exploding randomly! must shriek! ahhhhhhh!
  • lighting black candles while playing Sammi? seance?
  • halloween dance? Carrie tribute?
  • “Double goose eggs.” That’s 00 if you didn’t know.
  • The possessed record has become a possessed cassette.  Will it be a CD next?
  • Listening to the cassette somehow causes you to become aroused and starts undressing you. Before it kills you, of course.
  • Ozzy Osboure as a Reverend talking against “rock pornography.”  The greatest.
  • you call them OUT Ozzy
  • Ragman kinda looks like John Travolta
  • Ragman seriously dabbled in some Satanic nonsense now.  The jack o’lanterns just erupted in flames.
  • you cant stop what you started Ragman.
  • it’s all gotten out of hand…MOM’S GONNA DIE
  • Why wasn’t this nominated for an Academy Award in Sound Design?
  • EARTHQUAKE! wait…where did the rat come from? oh god the record is starting a fire!
  • You should’ve never trusted Sammi Curr, Ragman.
  • and there he is. Sammi Curr back to LIFE
  • hes got burns like Freddy from dying in that fire! only on his face though
  • And he’s wearing enough stage makeup to cover it up.
  • Ragman now wears baby blue and gray ever since “the incident.”
  • I’m bored
  • Roger you were supposed to DESTROY the tape, not listen to it. Stupid.
  • Roger you cant vacuum peoples ashes
  • Mom goes out to an all-night halloween party leaving Ragman alone: classic mistake
  • This totally is Carrie.  It even involves a dance.
  • i said ^ earlier
  • “my costume is kind of unraveling” if you know what i mean.
  • possessed car? Christine?
  • Ragman, you cant stop a possessed car.
  • Aren’t these kids wondering HOW a dead Sammi Curr is back on stage and performing for them?
  • AND, didn’t most of them hate metal? Hence constantly bullying Ragman?
  • all Sammi wanted was to rock harder for one more time
  • where is the wind coming from that is blowing through Sammi’s luscious locks?
  • kids are spontaneously combusting…?
  • It’s because of Sammi’s guitar. DUH.
  • Leslie, put a shirt on
  • oh the bully’s drunk and Leslie is NAKIE
  • Ragman’s last name is Weinbauer! I thought the bullies kept calling him “white power.” I didn’t understand.
  • Ragman go save Leslie…shes being drunkenly kissed by the bully…he slapped her then asked if she was okay? really, jerk?
  • Sammi Curr ran on ELECTRICITY! it all makes sense now!
  • Ragman, why are you running? Leslie, why are YOU running with him?!
  • Carly has given up on this movie.
  • I wonder if this movie would’ve been better with a Satanic jazz pianist.
  • car’s possessed again. CRAP
  • Even after they gave Sammi Carr a hand-swirlie in the toilet.
  • stealin’ a cop car. re-BEL
  • everyone in the radio station is dead.
  • dont go in there.
  • It has to be way after the midnight release of the song.  It’s way too late.
  • random bursts of electricity? its sammi! dont go in!
  • Ragman is going insane. He’s talking to a radio.  Oh wait, that’s been the WHOLE movie.
  • “What about that toilet?  You looked a little flushed back there.” Get it?
  • So…Ragman takes over the radio position and never returns to school? Okay..

Our Verdicts:

Carly unfortunately had to leave before we got to our verdicts.  But she left with one statement that I should include in here:

That was absolutely awful.”

Very well put I must say; it was quite bad.  First off, the box art that I have for this is VERY misleading.  Gene Simmons and Ozzy Osbourne are the credits on the top of case (the picture on this post includes Marc Price’s name; my DVD case does not have that).  Both only appear briefly in the film as very minor characters.  And the pictures of them used on the box are not even them as of 1986.  It looks like they are years older.  On the back of the case, there are four stills.  Two of these pictures are not even photos from this film.  One looks to be from a completely different movie, and the other looks like it may have been used in a very rough cut of the film.  It’s absolutely ridiculous.

As for the film, well I can’t say too much that hasn’t already been said in our thoughts.  Though it really wasn’t the greatest movie, I had a hell of a time watching it.  I thought it was really a fun movie to watch for many reasons.  It was very stereotypical, it was cheesy, it was very 80s, the plot was unique and different, etc. There is a plethora of worse movies that could be way more dreadful to watch.  It does get boring and slow every once in a while.  And because it is somewhat stereotypical, it becomes predictable.  There are some twists and turns though, but not in a plot twist sense.  M ore like an explanation-for-something-stupid-to-happen twist.  Like Sammi Curr traveling via electricity. Or the one shot wonder of a demonic creature attacking someone.  But, as I said in other posts, I’m a sucker for 80s horror and bad movies.  This was a fun one.

The Demon?


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