Manhunter (1986)

Starring: William Petersen, Brian Cox, Dennis Farina and Stephen Lang

Directed by Michael Mann

Format: DVD

“Former FBI profiler Will Graham reluctantly returns to his old job to track a horrific serial killer known as the ‘Tooth Fairy.’  But in order to get into the mind of this maniac, Graham must face another: Hannibal, the imprisoned psychiatrist whose own insanity almost cost Graham his life…and whose insights into the Tooth Fairy could prove as dangerous as the killer himself.”

My Story:

I heard about this movie on some Bravo countdown I think, and then later found out that it was the first in the Hannibal Lecktor (Lecter) series. I really enjoyed The Silence of the Lambs, as did my girlfriend (who you probably remember from the Trick or Treat post). So I bought the movie and it’s been sitting around waiting for the both of us to sit down and watch it.  We will today as a bit of a breather from the 4 Films Collector’s Set I’ve been dealing with.  She decided not to co-write on this one, but I’m sure she’ll have something good to add.

My Thoughts:

  • I really liked that opening sequence.
  • I wonder if I should watch Petersen’s performance thinking about Gil Grissom or just as Will Graham.
  • Are they building a garden on the beach? What IS that?
  • They keep talking about Graham “going back,” I wish they’d just say what it is he’s going back to.
  • My god, that bedroom was destroyed!
  • That telephone ring sounded pretty bad.  It sounded like dying batteries.
  • My guess is that the murderer is going to come after Will’s wife…especially by this suspenseful music.
  • What a terrible jump cut! That was awful.
  • Will Graham is angry.
  • Okay, this guy is a serial killer?  I thought he was just a one-time killer.
  • “The Tooth Fairy”…really?
  • Can you get a thumbprint off of an eye? Is that possible? Oh, they said thigh, not eye. Thanks, Carly.
  • Will Graham just somersaulted a reporter onto a car! Badass.
  • That must be a newly painted prison! Those cells are perfectly white!
  • Lecktor is pretty good in this movie…I think I like Anthony Hopkins more though.
  • I liked the way he said “privacy.”
  • Oh man, this Lecktor is slyyyyyyyy. Nevermind about Hopkins.
  • How embarrassing, Will Graham WOULD leave his folder of bloody pictures open.
  • That suit jacket Graham is wearing looks glittery…
  • Graham is very intense about the Tooth Fairy.
  • I write on toilet paper all the time.
  • Did they just have a Bible kicking around the office? That was quick.
  • It WASN’T the Bible?! WHAT!
  • Stephen Lang always plays the most annoying characters very well.
  • I have lost track of what’s going on, you really have to keep up with all the evidence and discoveries.
  • Get ’em Tooth Fairy, get ’em!
  • The Tooth Fairy needs to get his cable fixed. That TV is going crazy.
  • The Tooth Fairy’s nuts.
  • I can’t say much more without giving it away…I just want to keep shouting and writing “NO!” and “WHAT?!”
  • This is crazy.
  • Nice Folgers product placement.
  • Classic hand on a glass pane looking longingly.  So sad Will Graham
  • The Tooth Fairy’s sun glasses are dope.
  • “Ride with me, it would be because I would like you to.” Such a smooth line, Tooth Fairy.
  • Carly-“This is getting real creepy, real fast.” Why yes it is.
  • Wait til this woman finds out the Tooth Fairy KILLS people.
  • Sketchball van.
  • The 80s music is real bad.
  • …The conclusion Will Graham is coming to isn’t making sense yet…OH, I got it.
  • Every single officer in the station, MOVE OUT.
  • Oh, that officer definitely has a concussion.
  • That ending was intense!

The Verdict:

We actually finished watching this movie before I finished Mortuary because it seemed like this was going to be SO much better.  And it was, by far.  It was just a really great movie, both of us thought.  Up until the very, very end.  Carly wasn’t a fan, and I can’t say I loved it either.  It could’ve ended better, but it wasn’t terrible.  But overall, I thought the movie was great.  While watching, you actually felt as if you were studying the case just as much as the detectives.  You were making the connections along with them, and tracing a killer.  Until about three-quarters in when you know who the killer is, and how he is living life.  But that doesn’t take anything away from the mystery of where he is and what he’ll do next.  Sometimes the connections that the detectives made moved a little to fast to comprehend, but you caught right back up at their next discovery.  Some shaky editing here and there, but I was so wrapped up in the story that I could’ve cared less.  A thriller I would highly recommend.


2 responses to “Manhunter (1986)

  1. the reason why the cell was white was because he’s in a mental hospital, remember? lecktor. mental hospital. known for the white walls. love you!

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