Part 3 of 4: Memory (2006)

FILM 3Memory

Starring: Billy Zane, Tricia Helfer, Ann-Margret and Dennis Hopper

Directed by Bennett Joshua Davlin

Format: DVD 4 Films Collector’s Set Horror

“When Dr. Taylor Briggs (Billy Zane) is exposed to a mysterious drug while lecturing in Brazil, he is forced to relive the dark, twisted memories of a killer whose work may not be over.”

My Story:

Two down, two to go in the Collector’s Set.  Memory is the next movie for a couple of reasons.  I like Dennis Hopper and Ann-Margaret and I would like to see how they act together.  I also want to save Bloody Mary for last, because I’m sure that’ll be really fun to watch.  I hope this doesn’t turn out to be like Salvage and it’s all dreams and hallucinations.

My Thoughts:

  • Thanks for the definition of “memory.”
  • “Trying to cure a disease takes time.” Oh thanks Terry Chen.
  • Billy Zane cut a glove! That’s never a good sign.
  • What did I say about hallucinations?! Zane goes from his bathroom to a lake in a matter of seconds…
  • Zane got the powder in his skin!  Well, I guess there isn’t too much of a mystery there.
  • Yeah Boston!
  • This collection is absolutely 0 for 3 on music so far.  That sounded like it was going to be the soundtrack to a romantic movie when the man realizes he loves the girl (or vice versa).
  • I would’ve preferred if Hopper yelled “Pabst Blue Ribbon!” instead of “It’s Miller Time.”
  • Time travel, dreams, hallucinations…all sounds familiar.
  • I walk around with contaminated substances too, no big deal.
  • Tricia Helfer is sassy.
  • Treasure Chest?!
  • Memoriesssssssss
  • That was some sad music.  Unnecessarily sad.
  • POWER OUTAGE out of NOWHERE! Or was it just a hallucination?
  • Dennis Hopper’s frustration of too many remotes.  I hate this montage of time passing.
  • Tricia Helfer, could you say “I hope you’re hungry” any more seductively?
  • See, if everyone who had a crazy thought just told the truth in the first place, there wouldn’t be awkward situations like the ones in this movie.
  • “If this stuff happened over 30 years ago, isn’t it too late to help them now?” Uh, NO. Have you ever seen “Cold Case Files?” A DUH.
  • Lighting fires since 1971.
  • Transferring memories to offspring?! That’s kinda crazy.
  • I don’t understand why Zane broke into a house…or why the family photo is so poorly Photoshopped.
  • …wait…I think I may be starting to get this.
  • Ann-Margret…PLEASE break in to “Bye Bye Birdie.” You can single-handedly save this movie.
  • Red shoes ALWAYS give it away.
  • Whoa, whoa.  There are a ton of dolls hanging from the ceiling. That was super creepy.
  • Ann-Margret on the attack!
  • Whenever Zane does something heroic, the camera shot is head on and he makes a superhero face.
  • Oh jeez, that family reunion almost brought a tear to my eye 😦
  • Not even a twist ending, or a sequel ending.  But like, a trick ending. An “oh hey, look at that!” ending.

The Verdict:

There isn’t too much to say about this movie.  It wasn’t great. I felt as if it dragged quite a bit here and there, and it just barely broke even by the end.  It wasn’t bad either though.  The story was actually clever.  And I also commend Bennett Davlin for directing the film that’s based off of his own novel.  That’s pretty rad.  The whole idea of transferring memories genetically is really interesting.  Mix that with a murder mystery, and it’s pretty intelligent.  But the down side to having a story so intelligent is that the viewer can easily get lost in any conclusions/connections the characters come to.  Or maybe, the whole story wasn’t evenly spread throughout the movie.  I was lost at some parts, then some things moved too fast.  The pacing was a bit off.  I really enjoyed the conclusion however, and the mystery’s answer, for lack of a better term.  I was unfortunately bored more than entertained.  The best film in this Collector’s Set no doubt.


One response to “Part 3 of 4: Memory (2006)

  1. they should have a secound movie

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