The Loot: 6/1/10

Whew, there’s nothing like kicking off the month of June with the purchase of some DVDs, am I right?  The Downtown Book Barn’s DVD collection is ever-growing.  And as this grows, so does my collection.

  • The Contender
  • Y.M.I.
  • 4 Films Collector’s Set Horror
  1. Live Animals
  2. Roman
  3. Wages of Sin
  4. Skeleton Man

Why YES I did happen to buy another Collector’s Set. I mean, I know I’m not fully done with the first (though I promise it will be done by the end of this week), but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to buy another! Y.M.I. was a Carly pick that we then decided to get because neither of us could fully comprehend the synopsis on the back.  And The Contender just seems like a good film.

Be on the lookout for the final chapter in my 4-part series, right before we get into the NEXT 4-part series! Don’t worry, it won’t be for a little while anyway.  The final film is Bloody Mary!

On a sidenote, away from DVDs and movies, I made one of the greatest purchases of my life on Saturday.  It can be seen below.

’nuff said.


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