Part 4 of 4: Bloody Mary (2006)

Starring: Matt Borlenghi, Kim Tyler, Danni Hamilton and Jaason Simmons

Directed by Richard Valentine

Format: DVD 4 Films Collector’s Set Horror

“When a group of psychiatric hospital nurses invoke the spirit of Bloody Mary-a supposed urban myth-the slaughter begins.  The legend is real, her vengeance is fatal, and to free her, all you have to do is say her name.”

My Story:

My god, it only took a week but I am going to finish this 4 movie set! I can only imagine the feat that a 50 movie collection would be. That’s scary.  Anyway, I wanted to end with Bloody Mary because I think if anything were to be scary, it’d be the legend of Bloody Mary.  But hey, I’ve been wrong before.

My Thoughts:

  • State Psychiatric Hospital. They couldn’t have come up with a better name?
  • They’re acting like a bunch of teenage girls…unless that’s who they’re supposed to be.
  • My guess, the batteries in the flashlight die as she walks down the creepy stone corridor…why is she naked again?
  • How many times is she going to say “I believe in Bloody Mary?”
  • Mary Mary, why ya buggin’?
  • I feel as if this will turn into Sorority Row for nurses.
  • Is the group of teenage girls SERIOUSLY starring down the missing girl’s sister, Natalie? So sassy.
  • Uh, YEAH that guy from Glee is in this.
  • I wonder why the girl who plays Jenna hasn’t acted in anything else…oh wait, I know why.  She’s real bad. And didn’t hide her British accent too well.
  • Okay, they aren’t teenagers, they are nurses.  Do they actually work is the next question.
  • Jenna just went postal on this girl April, then spit on her after she threw her into the corridor!
  • “Where’s April?” Jeez, I don’t know. You only went to the institution where Mary is then came back without her.  I WONDER.
  • Mary just palmed April’s head. She’s obviously a Harlem Globetrotter. At least we narrowed it down.
  • Shattering glass doesn’t just cause open sores.  But I mean, this is Bloody Mary...and she keeps eyes in labeled jars.
  • Common sense Natalie; you don’t wear a mirror necklace in a movie called Bloody Mary. Duh.
  • The doctor just said he needed to see patients, and now he’s going to talk to a coworker instead.
  • They call it the Mirror Game? That’s so vague.
  • Why do they keep showing the same asylum resident?
  • Okay, listen, the “hand-on-glass-longing-for-help” shot doesn’t work when the pane of glass is the size of a drink coaster.
  • Nicole says it like, seven times before Mary gets her. Natalie says it once and her mirror already cracks?!
  • Alright Natalie, negotiate with the mental patients…let me know how it works out.
  • “What’s wrong?” I don’t know, it’s broad daylight and you’re using a flashlight.  That’s what’s wrong.
  • “I’ve already seen one dead body today, and I’m sure as hell not ready to see another one.” That’s the REASON you went into the tunnel, dumbass.
  • You don’t just claw out an eyeball in one swift grab. Do you?
  • OH, that mental patient they keep talking about is the doctor that Mary first attacked! Oh my.
  • Why does Mary sound like Bowser? Like, the Super Mario one, not the one from Sha-Na-Na.
  • This cop is so stupid.
  • Naked people walking around is always a bad sign.
  • “You know Nicole isn’t coming home, so why don’t you just go back to New York.” OH MAN, FIGHTIN’ WORDS.
  • They must’ve called this guy Scooter because he looks JUST like Scooter the Muppet.
  • I just feel as if occupied asylums should NEVER be that hazy inside.
  • Jenna’s favorite weapon: a hammer.  Though she never kills anyone with it.
  • I don’t understand the nakedness…it has to be just a ploy for people to buy a movie this bad.
  • HAHHAHAHA of all the mirrors Mary breaks, she can’t even handle when her own is broken.
  • I’ve heard this ending music before…

The Verdict:

Eh…I wonder if maybe I’ve become desensitized to bad movies.  I would love to see a good Bloody Mary movie.  That whole legend is pretty scary.  But this film doesn’t even do the legend justice.  You don’t even SEE Mary.  The whole point of the legend is that you see Mary’s horrific face before she scratches yours off.  But I guess they replaced it with stupider plot points for the legend, like that whole nakedness aspect.  It wasn’t even a good, campy nakedness.  They tried to make it part of the whole ritual of Mary and it didn’t work.  The movie rounded out a really bad set of movies nicely though.  This was probably the most out-of-place in the collection, but I might even strain to say it was one of the better…wait, nevermind.  It wasn’t good.


One response to “Part 4 of 4: Bloody Mary (2006)

  1. The girls were hot and I would totally do jenna. But that is all I can say for it.

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