Damien: Omen II (1978)

Starring: William Holden, Lee Grant, and Jonathan Scott-Taylor

Directed by Don Taylor

Format: DVD

Tagline: “The prophecy of horror unfolds”

“Since the sudden, suspicious death of his parents, Damien (Jonathan Scott-Taylor) has been in the care of his wealthy aunt (Grant) and uncle (Holden).  Now in military school, Damien relentlessly plots to seize control of his uncle’s business empire – and ultimately the world.  And anyone attempting to unravel the mystery of his connection to the grisly events that occur around him will meet with an equally horrific and cruel demise!”

My Story:

It’s been a couple days, huh?  It was a busy weekend, and I just started working this week.  But I’ll try to keep this updated with posts, so don’t fret.  So, the story: I love The Omen.  The original, rather.  I have yet to see the remake (I’m sure it will be on this blog at some point).  I had found a really good deal on The Omen Collection, which includes all the films in the series.  I couldn’t help but get it; I just felt as if I should have the whole series.  Not much of a “story” per se, but at least some background on it.

My Thoughts:

  • Oh man, I like that opening sequence music.  This is gonna be good.  Thanks Jerry Goldsmith!
  • “Damien Thorn is the Antichrist!” Spoiler alert.
  • Carl Bugenhagen (Leo McKern) is a crazy old coot.
  • OH GOD A CROW. Cue “Ave Satani.”
  • Buried alive via the Antichrist’s unholy powers!…oh jeez.
  • Oh my god…the Antichrist lives in Chicago?! It IS Obama!
  • I’m absolutely kidding, it’s not Obama, it’s some rich white kid named Damien.
  • Aunt Marion (Sylvia Sidney) is being real sassy.
  • Aunt Marion, I think Damien’s uncle KNOWS that his father tried to kill him. It was very clear.
  • Oh no, Marion is done for.  She just opened up the balcony doors.
  • Nicholas Pryor looks as if he could be Norm McDonald’s brother.
  • The crow cues the music again!
  • Marion went down real quick…
  • Can you be British and attend an American Military Academy?
  • Damien doesn’t get privileges in the Academy? Is it because he’s a Thorn, British, or the Antichrist? All three?
  • Teddy is beating up all the Thorns! And Damien fights back with Antichrist powers, hazzah!
  • Joan Hart’s (Elizabeth Shepard) red coat is SO bright. Like, Communist red.
  • I saw that truck coming from a mile away..too bad she didn’t since this movie turned into The Birds.
  • I’d be PISSED if my mom blew out half of my birthday candles as I was trying to blow them out.
  • Uh oh, ice hockey.  That can only mean one thing.  Well, nevermind it could mean a couple.  But I have a feeling some thin ice is gonna happen…OH, I was right.
  • Bill’s (Lew Ayres) ice scene was pretty good actually.
  • How old does Damien have to be before he completely takes over the world? And does that happen in any of the Omen series?
  • How is Damien so good at dates? Not dating, but dates like years.
  • How did the military Sargent know Damien was the Antichrist, and even Damien himself didn’t know?
  • UGH, I’m falling asleep.  I’m going to have to go halfsies on this sucker.  Sorry this is talking so long folks, I’m sure I’ll be back up and running soon. It’s not the movie, I’m just tired.
  • Alright, back on track. This post has been almost 3 days in the making…how sad.
  • Do big CEOs really have telescopes in their offices? I feel like that’s common.
  • WHAT?! WHAT?! The Tower of Terror elevator just de-STROYED that guy. That was a great scene!
  • And out come the knives…
  • Oh no, cousin Mark knows too! Everyone’s gonna get gotted by the Devil’s Son.
  • Family gathering in the snow-filled woods?
  • Showdown between cousins!!!! AHHHHHHHH!
  • Who wears a khaki trenchcoat to a funeral Damien?
  • The uncle is getting into a jet with 14 minutes left in the film.  I smell a plane crash.  Wow, not at all, nevermind.
  • Train crash…I was close.
  • Damien gets a military achievement? For what, his army of undead?
  • Oh Damien is PIMPIN’. He’s got three ladies all over him.
  • “The boy has got to die!” I’m sure it was just a joke, Aunt Thorn. He’s just delirious.

The Verdict:

I thought it was a very good sequel actually.  Most sequels I’d be a little wary of, and I can say I went into this one with my guard up.  But I was pleasantly surprised.  I thought the layout of the story worked very well, and complemented the first movie well.  The suspense of Damien being able to act more like a person as opposed to a young child was a nice touch, as well as the pending family business at his fingertips.  The story grew along with Damien, and it worked out very well.  One criticism that I do have is that I thought there may have been a few too many characters.  Like, we didn’t need the CEO of Thorn Industries’ assistant there necessarily.  But then again, it was showing more of Damien’s knowledge and wrath over his enemies.  So nevermind haha, I talked that one out with myself.  But I did enjoy the movie, and I can only hope the continuation of THIS sequel will be as good.


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