Blood Mania (1970)

Starring: Peter Carpenter and Maria de Aragon

Directed by Robert Vincent O’Neill

Format: Gorehouse Greats Collection DVD

“A nightmare of unspeakable terror, this Gothic-like horror tale is about a young doctor haunted by a questionable past and entrapped in a hopless present by jealousy, blackmail and finally, murder!”

My Story:

Not much besides I’m excited that these movies were 12 for $5. I picked it because it was one of the shortest and in color and I’m a tad tired. I’m such a sad sack.

My Thoughts:

  • WOW. Okay, so there is something terribly wrong with the film.  The DVD isn’t scratched yet the movie consistently skips.  So, this isn’t happening guys, I’m sorry.  It hasn’t even gotten past the opening credits.

The Verdict:

I was prepared to just sit down and watch a bad movie like I usually do. It has been a little while and I was all excited.  I wish this didn’t happen because I was looking forward to it! Well, it looks like it’s going to have to be something else some other time. BOOOOOO.
It won’t even go past scene 2! If all the DVDs are like this, I may cry.



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