Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead (2006)

Starring: Jason Yachanin, Kate Graham, Allyson Sereboff, Robin L. Watkins, Joshua Olatunde, Caleb Emerson, Rose Ghavami and Khalid Rivera

Directed by Lloyd Kaufman

Format: DVD

“When a fast food chicken restaurant is built on the site of an ancient Native American burial ground, the displaced spirits unite with the ghosts of exterminated chickens and transform into Indian chicken zombies seeking revenge! Now, it’s up to a dim-witted counter boy, his lesbian ex-girlfriend, and a burqa-wearing fry cook to put an end to the foul-feathered menace once and for all.”

My Story:

This one is a doozy. Every year at Rock and Shock, Troma has a booth.  And for those of you who don’t know what Troma is, I suppose I can give you some insight.  Troma is a production and distribution company that prides themselves on the SUPER low-budget films that their names are on. Mostly horror-comedies and complete “trash.” And not the bad trash, just sometimes revolting content done in a way that’s funny or entertaining to watch.  It all started with Lloyd Kaufman and The Toxic Avenger in 1984. And it has since grown into this incredible company with a huge cult following.

Anyhow, Troma is loved by many, but also hated for the same reasons.  They sometimes release the most absurd films. Like this movie.  The film was made in 2006, but wasn’t released on DVD until 2008 (I think).  I was given a trailer DVD for Poultrygeist at the 2006 convention and had been anxiously awaiting the DVD release.  I couldn’t possibly turn this movie down! I loved Troma’s Toxic Avenger and Terror Firmer, I couldn’t possible NOT enjoy this.

Low and behold, by the time 2008 came around, it sort of left my mind.  I had given up hope on seeing this film. Until one day in FYE, the “Eggs-clusive 3-Disc Collector’s Edition” was staring me down from the Used shelf.  It was a no-brainer, I had to buy it.

I will admit that I HAVE watched this film.  Well, I sort of watched it.  I ended up getting sop annoyed with it/preoccupied with other stuff that it was just left on my television and unfinished.  Tonight, I attempt to watch the whole thing, thanks to Dan bringing it to my attention once again.

The one thing you must know is that…you can’t exactly make fun of a Troma film.  It doesn’t work that way.  The films are so absurd already that making fun of them for what they are trying to do, doesn’t work.  So we’ll see how this commentary goes.

My Thoughts:

  • Yes there is a Poultrygeist theme song that reminds me of Killer Klowns From Outer Space.
  • Lloyd Kaufman’s introduction to Troma movies are ALWAYS so long.
  • American Chicken Bunker is the coolest fast food restaurant name.
  • “Bumping tacos” doesn’t sound like an appropriate name for lesbian sex…oh Lloyd.
  • You’re damn right this is a musical. Oh my god this is insane.
  • A Sloppy Jose! YES! The best kind of sandwich.
  • “Who put these mysterious, vein-covered, pulsating eggs in this box?”
  • Ron Jeremy cameo. Solid.
  • A morbidly obese man on a toilet. If this is all poop jokes, I may cry.
  • I can’t believe they Photoshopped chickens into Abu Ghraib.
  • Second musical number occurs while Arbie (Yachanin) cleans a poop-covered bathroom and Wendy (Graham) is in a protest.
  • Unnecessary nudity scene.
  • I feel like there is some sort of social commentary under all the poop and sex jokes.
  • Director cameo!
  • “I’m Che Guevara, Martin Sheen, and Janeane Garafalo rolled into one fabulous burrito of political activism.” Oh really?
  • Paco would fall into the food processor. Now he’s a Sloppy Jose!
  • To show off a butt tattoo, would you have to always wear thongs to the beach?
  • “I believe in the supernatural when I see it, talking sandwich.”
  • Almost halfway done!
  • “I’m not adverse to hearing what’s on your dirty, filthy little slut chicken mind.” It’s getting real gross, real quick.  I couldn’t have expected any less.
  • “Like Harriet Tubman said, ‘Let them eat fried chicken.'” She didn’t say that…did she?
  • This movie is actually pretty funny.  I’m glad I started giving it another chance.
  • Whoa, nevermind. Diaper fetish and intense vomiting may have just brought this movie back down a notch.
  • The General (Watkins) did not just bite the head off a baby chicken zombie.
  • Human face through a deli slicer, and another head cracked like an egg.
  • Straight up Birds reference.
  • YES! The Faint’s “Dropkick the Punks” is on the soundtrack!
  • Lloyd Kaufman saves the day, but ruins the moment with “Booyah bitches.”
  • So.many.chicken.zombies.
  • HAHAHAHAAHAHA when they turned the Open sign to Closed, the zombies go away. The best.
  • Just wear the mascot uniform, the zombies don’t know the difference!
  • Do humans usually grow by drinking a gallon labeled “Meat Steroids.”
  • Finally another musical number!
  • The chicken zombie boss spontaneously combusted.
  • “America isn’t ready to accept a gay, Mexican chicken sandwich.”
  • There would be a Thriller dance scene. Why must that always happen?

The Verdict:

Wow, wowwwwwwww. That was just craziness. I’m going through the extras now and the original music for this is so entertaining. “All the zombie chickens from Tromaville. All they want to do is kill, kill, kill.” I feel like if I own anything 3-discs or more, I would have to watch at least some of the extras.  Music videos, trailers, tons of featurettes. And a lot of actually seems worth watching after a film so “epic,” so to speak.  It wasn’t great, it wasn’t high-budget, but it was entertaining and well-made. I had originally put it on the Shelf of Shame, but I am considering taking it off now that I gave it another shot.  I NEVER DO THAT! But seriously, it was really funny. It may not be for a lot of people, but it was well written (the film and songs), and the characters were great. A Troma classic. I’m actually upset with myself that it was on the Shelf of Shame. But hey, it happens. If you get a chance to see it and can handle some grossness, violence, racism, obscene sex jokes, and chicken zombies, then see it.


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