Splinter (2008)

Starring: Shea Whigham, Paulo Costanzo, Jill Wagner and Rachel Kerbs

Directed by Toby Wilkins

Format: DVD

Tagline: “It will get under your skin.”

“A young couple retreats to the wilderness for a romantic camping weekend, but the trip quickly spirals into a nightmare when they are carjacked by an escaped convict and his girlfriend.  Thrown together by chance, no one can imagine the terrifying horror that awaits the two couples at a remote and isolated gas station.”

My Story:

I first heard about Splinter in a Fangoria article, I believe.  But of course, most movies that I would REALLY like to see get a limited release.  So, my hopes of seeing Splinter in theaters were long gone.  I found it on DVD though, and if I remember correctly, it was featured on the Loot.  Let’s dig in.  Or dig out.  Get it?  Splinter jokes.

My Thoughts:

  • Middle-of-nowhere gas stations are never any good.
  • Awww yeah Cape Cod Chips.
  • Whoa, that animal looked nuts.
  • In all honesty, I do like how “Creature Design By” is in the opening credits. That’s solid.
  • The contrast between the two couples was really interesting.
  • A camping date on an anniversary. That’s nice I suppose.
  • I would hate when someone called me “Cowgirl” too.
  • This is nerve-racking.
  • Sid would not be able to drive stick.
  • That must be the most terrifying and awkward car ride..
  • He got a splinter! I hope they say it in the movie. I love when they say the title.
  • Oh my god why is that road kill moveeeeee.
  • Lacey is such a crackhead.
  • WHATTTT?!?!?!  The gas station attendant is done for…
  • I wish I could tell how these creatures actually moved.  That first attack the camera was all shaky and I didn’t really understand the movements.
  • Why are his splinters growing?!
  • It’s that hand from the Addams Family!
  • If she breaks the glass I’m gonna flip.
  • I hate emotionless rambles.
  • You know, at least there’s a biology student as a hostage.
  • This is intense.
  • If someone came into this movie right now without any knowledge of it, they would probably think it was the most ridiculous movie about killer hands.
  • I’m not about amputation.  I’m not about that.
  • “You can’t change a tire, but fuck if you can’t chop off an arm.”
  • Heart-to-hearts in the freezer are solid.
  • What did they do with the severed arm?
  • It’s like they’re looking for an insect or a mouse right now, they’re banging all the stuff on the shelves and under the counter.
  • This is so sad 😦 I hate sacrifice.
  • I literally just yelled, “come on” to the TV. And by that I don’t mean a “come on this is stupid.” I meant a “COME ON GET IN THE CAR THE CREATURE’S COMING!”
  • I’m glad there was at least one good shot of the creature.

The Verdict:

I don’t only watch movies that are really crappy, okay? I enjoy a good movie every once in a while.  And this was a good movie. I’d even say an awesome movie.  A simple production with few actors and a great story.  The thing that I didn’t like was that you could never fully see the creature.  It reminded me of Cloverfield in a way because you never saw it in full.  And as scary as shaky camera is, I would think that still camera with the jerky movements of the action would be scarier. But these things didn’t take too much away from this suspenseful horror movie. I enjoy simple movies like this. It was intense too; it was a solid film. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new and good horror film.


2 responses to “Splinter (2008)

  1. i really enjoyed this movie. not sure its yet to be released in other avenues, i wish netflix would show it on instant play, maybe more people would learn about it.

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