Fresh Eyes: Halloween II (1981)

FRESH EYES is a series where Kyle watches highly acclaimed horror films for the first time.

HalloweenIIStarring: Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Pleasence, Dick Warlock

Directed by Rick Rosenthal

Format: Blu-Ray

“Picking up exactly where the first film left off, Halloween II follows the same ill-fated characters as they once again encounter the knife-wielding maniac they thought they had left for dead. It seems the inhuman Michael Myers is still very much alive and out for more revenge as he stalks the deserted halls of the Haddonfield Memorial Hospital. As he gets closer to his main target, Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasence) discovers the chilling mystery behind the crazed psychopath’s actions.”

Halloween II was never really on my “To Watch” list. I loved the first film and didn’t really care enough to explore the rest of the franchise. Or I would’ve watched the rest, but never wanted to spend the money on them. It wasn’t until I went to HorrorHound’s Jamie Lee Curtis event in 2012 that I found interest in the film (along with the rest of the franchise). So, that Christmas I received Scream Factory’s release of Halloween II and I STILL haven’t gotten around to it…until now.

Honestly, I don’t know a lot about the film. So here goes nothing.

My Thoughts:

  • Like, I get it, but I’m just so in love with the original score that dropping it in the flashback is a bummer.
  • Though I did like seeing The Shape fall off of the balcony.
  • So much evil was radiating off of his body that he left a complete print in the grass
  • “You don’t know what death is!” And then Loomis should have shot the neighbor and blamed it on Michael.
  • How confused must the old lady be that just had her knife stolen by the boogeyman?
  • News spreads fast, man. The radio is already reporting about the murders?
  • Razorblades in candy, that might be the scariest thing in this movie so far. That’s not a gripe, that’s just scary to me in general.
  • Laurie is mad popular amongst the hospital crowd, and that’s before they even know what she’s in for.
  • That’s right, Loomis and Brackett should leave that police officer alone to watch the burning body of the boy he just killed. You think about what you’ve done.
  • Jimmy just walked in to Laurie’s hospital room while she rests. Jimmy’s gonna touch boobs, I think.

Halloween2 Laurie and Jimmy

  • Nevermind.
  • Loomis can’t catch a break. He’s just one man trying to protect a town from evil.
  • Wow, great mirror shot with Visitor Parking.
  • Dude, I could go for a pizza too. So on point.
  • Michael, you’re not a baby. Whatcha doing in the maternity ward?!
  • Jimmy, you’re an employee, not a hoodlum. Abide by the hospital rules even though you seem like a good dude so far.
  • Oh man, that wide shot with “Happy Halloween” so clearly through the hospital room door. Beautiful.
  • Dumpster cats, they’ll get you every time. Hey, it’s better than dumpster babies. Sorry. I’m sorry. SORRY.
  • Mr. Garrett, why would anyone be in the storage closet when the padlock (though it’s unlocked) is keeping the doors closed?
  • Wait, I know Michael has supernatural powers (kind of), but how did he get to the hospital so fast?
  • Mother of God, Ben Tramer.
  • So wait, there are no other patients in this hospital? Not one? I love the tone that it sets but c’mon.
  • Aw shit, that flashback though.
  • Oh god, nah dude. Not that hydrotherapy tub. Nope.
  • “Sam Hain?” Lol.
  • Michael Myers’ knowledge of the medical field is astounding.


  • When Michael stabs pillows, cue “WON’T GET FOOLED AGAIN.”
  • Everything is so dreamlike. Michael waling down the half-lit hospital corridor. So good.
  • I wouldn’t say that all hope is lost when Loomis leaves, he wasn’t doing too much to begin with. I love the guy, but he’s just no help.
  • RIP Laurie Strode’s ankle.
  • Rule of thumb, I suggest never going towards the red light, or using an elevator during an emergency.
  • Secret Myers file? Dope. Laurie is Michael’s sister? Doper.
  • C’mon Strode, find your inner strength.
  • We know that bullets don’t work, Loomis. I just don’t trust it.
  • I know that both Halloween and Halloween II use the same mask, but I love the way this one looks. It’s always lit interestingly and the shape of it on Dick Warlock’s head looks SO good.
  • Loomis has to go down with the ship, just like any captain.
  • Michael coming out of the fire, though.

The Verdict:

You know, it’s a slow film. Sometimes it just drags on and on. An empty hospital can only be filled with so much, you know? But the film is filled with more violence and gore in order to keep up with the changing tides in horror filmmaking, and I can’t help but kind of like that. When judging the film, you have to try to look at Halloween and Halloween II as separately as you can. And Halloween II is a slower paced, low-key slasher movie. The purpose of Fresh Eyes isn’t to look at something like Halloween II on its own too much, though, because it’s important to horror fans due to its placement within a franchise. Nothing will be Halloween, I certainly never expected this to, and Halloween II is probably the best film that could have followed up the original.


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