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Fresh Eyes: The Lost Boys (1987)

FRESH EYES is a series where Kyle watches highly acclaimed horror films for the first time.

Lost-Boys-posterStarring: Jason Patric, Corey Haim, Kiefer Sutherland, Corey Feldman, Dianne West

Directed by Joel Schumacher

Format: DVD

Tagline: “Sleep All Day. Party All Night. Never Grow Old. Never Die. It’s Fun To Be A Vampire.”

“Sam and his older brother Michael are average, everyday teens. But after they move with their mother to peaceful Santa Clara, California, things mysteriously begin to change. Michael’s not himself lately. And Mom’s not going to like what he’s turning into.

The Lost Boys reshapes vampire tradition, deftly mixing heart-pounding terror, rib-tickling laughs, and a body-gyrating rock soundtrack.”

If my memory serves me right, I think my aunt got me this flick as a gift one year. We may have been at a horror convention when the topic came up that I had never seen The Lost Boys. It has sat on the shelf for at least six years. For years, I had some sort of negative relationship to the idea of watching The Lost Boys. Not quite sure where it came from; it might have been my aversion to vampire films, it might have been my aversion to Corey Feldman, it might have been me being told “oh dude, you GOTTA see Lost Boys!” If there is something I hate(d), it’s being told that I HAVE to see something. I have since grown some from that and those negative feelings towards the film have seemingly faded, I’m ready to go in with FRESH EYES.



  • Is the name of this amusement park Mullet Mountain?Kiefer
  • Oh man, I forgot that vampires fly.
  • Honestly, I think the last vampire movie I watched was Near Dark like, two years ago.
  • “If you read the TV Guide, you don’t need a TV.” Speak on it, Grandpa.
  • Oh shit, I’ve heard so much about the “I Still Believe” saxophonist. It’s happening right in front of my face and it’s glorious.
  • Dude, the Santa Carla pier is LIT.
  • Lost Boys? Found ’em.
  • David is the dude. His facial hair is on point.
  • I love that this woman is laughing maniacally while reading a “Sad Sack” comic.
  • Alright, Feldman as Edgar Frog is kinda dope.
  • Did kids in the 80s think that this was what California beach life was all about?
  • Michael did NOT learn anything from the DARE program. The peer pressure is TOO REAL.
  • Michael, man, you’ve been a real jerk ever since you hung out with those bikers.
  • I’m all for Edward Hermann’s look. Max LostBoys
  • Damn, this “Cry Little Sister” song is dope.
  • “Kill your brother, you’ll feel better.”
  • Alright, why was Alex Winter the first?
  • Grandpa is the best.
  • I want to live in the Santa Carla Video Store.
  • The Frog Brothers going to church made me laugh out loud.
  • They are straight Home Alone-ing this house, how rad.
  • Oh damn, “Death By Stereo” was dope.
  • I thought Max would be more upset about his familial dilemma. But whatever.
  • How BAD did kids want to be the Frog Brothers in ’87?frogbros
  • This cover of “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me” during the credits is FIRE.


The Verdict:

I once wrote a piece about how being a horror fan of my generation (born in ’91) can be difficult because the prior generation was around during the second “Golden Age” of horror, so they remember and lived through the films that modern horror fans celebrate. The Lost Boys fell into the category where I found it difficult to relate, or want to relate, to the film. It’s an 80s-kid adventure film with vampires and this dreamlike sense of things that I thought I couldn’t relate to. My serious interest in horror came post-9/11. And while I’ve come to enjoy many a horror film from past generations, I didn’t think The Lost Boys was gonna do it for me. But what a well-made, clever and genuinely fun flick. I was afraid the 80s cheese was going to be over the top, but there was a masterful balance between comedy, action and horror. That balance, along with the smart vampire nuances and misdirection, made for a really tight film. For me, there weren’t any eye-rolling moments or scoffs; The Lost Boys felt really fresh and pure. On par with films like Fright Night and Near Dark. Maybe my aversion to vampire flicks is waning. Or maybe I’m just picking some good ones and leaving plenty of space between. As you can see, I didn’t have many “thoughts” while watching because I was so intrigued by the film. But this verdict, man, I get it now. I get why people love this film so much. I can only imagine what it would’ve been like watching it as a kid in ’87, it would’ve blown my mind! It could’ve easily have been my favorite movie at that time. Thanks, Auntie, for getting me this movie. Sorry it took me so long to watch it.


Riding The Bullet (2004)

riding-the-bullet-movie-poster-2004-1020241986Starring: Johnathan Jackson, David Arquette, Barbara Hershey, Erika Christensen

Directed by Mick Garris

Format: DVD

Tagline: “The Dead Travel Fast”

“Alan embarks on a 100-mile hitchhike to see his mother in the hospital. Along the way he must confront his many demons – both living and dead – and in the end make the ultimate choice that will mean life or death for him and his mother!”

Early 2014(?), the Blockbuster in South Pasadena was getting read to shut its doors, which meant a million DVDs were gonna be on-sale. I loaded up with a lot of trashy horror, a few documentaries and some really bad Christian films, because that’s just what I do. There were a few gems, or movies I at least wanted to give a chance. This was one of them because I’m a big King and Garris fan. I haven’t read this novella, so we’re going in blind.

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 1.32.34 AM


  • Mick Garris is the authority. Love that guy.
  • Alan draws like Bernie Wrightson…hey…wait a sec…Bernie?.png
  • My tagline for this flick: “If you liked the Summer of ’69, you’re definitely going to enjoy the Halloween of ’69!”
  • I can’t. I can’t watch anything with a razor blade or shaving. And this isn’t shaving.
  • Whoa, that bathroom scene.
  • This flick is so goofy. The tone is so odd.
  • I can’t imagine what hitchhiking is like. Even getting into a Lyft freaks me out.
  • I dig Alan’s split personality thing.
  • While I haven’t read this novella, I feel like Garris has such a way of visualizing King’s words in his other projects. This one feels goofy but genuine and reflective.
  • There are portions of the flick that feel like creepypasta.
  • Oh man, this was King’s internet debut? Fascinating.
  • Alan can’t catch a break, 2 for 2 drivers almost in head on collisions.
  • I think Alan was just dropped off in downtown Haddonfield from Halloween II.
  • Road rage incidents are my nightmare. Watching this movies makes me realize I’m actually a big wuss who is afraid of a lot of stuff, mainly confrontation and hiding in refrigerators.
  • Both King and Garris have such a way of building fear and dread, even in silly premises.
  • Man, I don’t know what’s going on anymore.
  • Former WCW World Heavyweight Champion David Arquette!
  • “That’s about as funny as a screen door in a submarine.” DUDE, GREAT LINE.
  • Nicotero and Berger effects are so clutch.
  • It feels like this conversation between Alan and George is supposed to be deeper but I don’t quite…oh, okay, we’re “Riding The Bullet” now. Nevermind.
  • The soundtrack in this is so rad.
  • Arquette is underrated.Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 1.32.19 AM
  • Shit’s kinda falling apart for me. Though “Thrill Village” is a great amusement park name.
  • Thrill Village scene is fun.
  • “A little bit of death can help you grow up real quick.”
  • Alright, the last 10 minutes are gorgeous.
  • “I never made a living as an artist, but I still paint because that’s what I do.” God bless it.

The Verdict:

I enjoyed the first half of it and I thought a lot of the visuals were great throughout. Then the story got stale and sort of fell apart on me. I could’ve done without so much back and forth in Alan’s head. But right at the end, that final hospital scene, absolutely beautiful. Made me almost not mind all that confusion I had through most of the last act. Garris has got a way of visualizing that emotion that King dives into so deeply. Yeah, man, those last 10 minutes. Really stuck it to me. I really, really didn’t think I was going to like the rest of the flick once I got all confused in the middle. You can even see it in my thoughts up top. But that emotional ending. Worth it.

Edge Of Sanity (1989)

MV5BMTA3MDAwNjYzMTNeQTJeQWpwZ15BbWU2MDg0NTU5OA@@._V1_Starring: Anthony Perkins, Glynis Barber, Sarah Maur-Thorp

Directed by Gérard Kikoïne

Format: DVD

Tagline: “Double The Terror. Double The Fun.”

“Anthony Perkins, famous for his compelling performances in Psycho and Crimes Of Passion, creates a new face for the tormented Henry Jekyll, the respected physician whose dangerous experiments with cocaine unleash his alter ego, the uncontrollable Jack Hyde.

Under the drug’s powerful influence, Hyde has perverted nightmares of sex and violence that consume his soul. Drawn to London’s prostitute district, Hyde’s rage explodes in a killing spree. Could the Real Jack the Ripper have been someone like fictional Mr. Hyde? Explore the terrifying possibilities that lie on the EDGE OF SANITY.

Somehow I owned two copies of this movie at once. One copy on VHS (which ultimately has better cover art that Scream Factory used for their release), and one copy on DVD that was part of a four-movie pack I bought specifically for 1946’s The Spiral Staircase. I ditched the VHS and kept the DVD. The Jekyll/Hyde story has never been of much interest to me, except for when I heard that David Hasselhoff was in a musical theater version. But even that was just a flash of excitement. I do love me some Anthony Perkins, though, so let’s fire it up.



  • Sex in a barn at the turn of the century must have been as popular as sex in a car is now. Like, popular enough but not the ideal place, right?
  • Whoa, crazy little dream sequence kicking things off.
  • Oh I definitely thought this was going to be a modern retelling of the story. Damn.
  • Cue Buckcherry’s “Lit Up” through the whole rest of this movie.
  • “Darling come and see this [I’m feeding cocaine to the monkey we have in the house]!”
  • Cocaine Monkey is my band name.
  • Uh oh, monkey spilled some sort of chemical on the cocaine and I think he’s now basically making crack? Is this all a reflection of the crack epidemic in the United States?
  • Crazy how monkey-produced crack will make you look like you’ve already been on a week-long bender.
  • Johnny is supposed to bring in customers for Flora’s brothel and he chooses meth face Mr. Hyde? Not the clientele you want if you were to judge a book by its cover.
  • Also, straight-up, not even 20 minutes in and we are just FIRING ON ALL CYLINDERS. vlcsnap_2015_08_26_23h39m05s108
  • Visually, this feels very Western European. Ken Russell and Peter Greenaway combined.
  • Anthony Perkins massaging a woman’s butt and exclaiming “look at that!” is freakin’ bizarre.
  • I love how, even on crack, Jekyll/Hyde can cleanly slice a woman up.
  • Ah, looks like Kikoïne was quite the porn director at one point. No wonder this feels so free and unreserved.
  • And this was his second to last film, and it looks like he straight up fell off the face of the Earth except for some festival appearances and a book last year. I’m so intrigued by what this director is all about.
  • Perkins is so underrated.
  • Homegirl, he paid in advance, just get outta there! Don’t go chasing crackheads.
  • Okay, I’m uncomfortable.
  • Okay, I’m uncomfortable.
  • Okayyyyy, I’m uncomfortableeeeeee.
  • Hyde looking for love in all the wrong places.
  • Crack is whack.tumblr_oo3o62CQcj1uls1d1o2_1280
  • How come no one at Madam Flora’s is skeptical of Hyde? Oh, because brothels are terrible places and their clientele are often terrible people.
  • WHOA allusion to daddy issues. Allusion? Nah, more like weirdly blatant disclosure.
  • Anthony Perkins facilitating this rapey, crack-fueled threesome in a brothel is insane.
  • Jekyll, now you’re letting the drugs affect your work and your marriage. Someone needs a sponsor.
  • Nothing I hate more than constant lightning. Storms don’t work like that.
  • WOW, this climactic descent into total madness is beautiful and bizarre.
  • Now we know what repressed sexual shame, trauma and drug abuse can do to a person.
  • Poor Mrs. Jekyll, though. Drug and sex addicted multiple personality husband.
  • I really thought Cocaine Monkey was gonna save the day.

The Verdict:

What an unpleasant and unrelenting film. A retelling of Jekyll/Hyde and accounts of Jack the Ripper have room to be expound upon and told in a brutal fashion. But this was just bizarre. The performances were fantastic; Anthony Perkins is probably at his creepiest and Sarah Maur-Thorp was brilliant. It was visually very interesting and even beautiful at points, but the tone of the thing was just icky, honestly. It will forever in my collection, though, because the flipside of the DVD I own is The Spiral Staircase.

Vault Of Horror (1973)

the-vault-of-horror-1973-movie-posterStarring: Dawn Addams, Daniel Massey, Tom Baker

Directed by Roy Ward Baker

Format: DVD

Tagline: “Everything that makes life worth LEAVING.”

“Trapped in an office building basement, five men reveal their darkest dreams in this compilation of chilling tales pulled from the E.C. Comics archives. In ‘Midnight Mess,’ a man stumbles into a restaurant after murdering his sister, only to discover that he’s surrounded by diners with an insatiable appetite for blood. But that’s only one of the terrifying gems you’ll find locked in the Vault Of Horror.

Picked up the MGM Midnite Movies double features of Tales From The Crypt and Vault of Horror specifically for Tales. Haven’t heard much of anything about Vault Of Horror. I had no real desire to watch it, so it sat in the back of my DVD binder for a very long time. It wasn’t until I heard the “horror anthology” episode of Shock Waves (Ep. 43) that I thought I might want to expand my anthology palate a little more. Granted, I don’t believe anyone mentioned any segments from this flick on the show, but we’re gonna venture into the Vault anyway and see what we find.

My Thoughts:3czhrTxGy0kBq.gif

  • What a strange wraparound story. Five men stuck in the basement of an office building in some weird marble lounge with plenty of drinks to be had. I’d say they might have planned this all along.
    • Segment 1: “Midnight Mess”
  • Yo, Brits are weird. The definition of shady.
  • The restaurant looks like someone turned an apartment into a cafe. The place is hideous.
  • Harold (Daniel Massey) kills his sister (Anna Massey), and then gives himself a corsage! That’s cold!
  • Beautiful mirror trick in the cafe, though.
  • Award for worst fangs goes to “Midnight Mess.”VOH.jpeg
  • Ah, we’re just talking about dreams. This wraparound is weak.
    • Segment 2: “The Neat Job”
  • Homeboy has a sick bar and a sick record collection. This dude rules.
  • And the gap between his two front teeth is perfect for camel spitting.
  • Nevermind, this dude Arthur (Terry-Thomas) needs to chill, he’s having a panic attack about moved furniture.
  • Eleanor’s (Glynis Johns) reckless moving of items in this house is gonna make this dude screw up dinner. He’s already on his last leg, c’mon Eleanor.
  • Oh god, this dude has a crazy way of organizing his pantry. Yet somehow, I also think its a great idea.
  • Still crazy to me that “trophy wife” is a thing.
  • Eleanor, you’re down a slippery slope trying to fix this broken home.
  • Oh my god, the building dread of Eleanor just screwing up this whole house is insane.
  • Classic EC ending.
    • Segment 3: “This Trick’ll Kill You”
  • I don’t think I like this dude’s magic trick delivery…
  • Wait, why the hell is this tourist putting this street magician on blast?! That’s rude as shit. Isn’t there a magician’s code this dude just broke?! I’M INDIGNANT.
  • Both Sebastian the rude tourist/magician (Curd Jürgens) and his wife (Dawn Addams) are really going all in on trying to get this woman’s magic trick. HOLY SHIT.
  • I don’t think you ever take a dead lady’s rope, I think that’s a general rule.
    • Segment 4: “Bargain In Death”
  • They remade this segment as Buried with Ryan Reynolds. Not true.
  • This dude Maitland (Michael Craig) faking his death for insurance money, holy cow. More vintage EC.
  • “There’s no money in horror.” LOL
  • Great Vault Of Horror comic placement in this segment.
  • A little excessive on the Tales From The Crypt novelization placement, though.
  • This one is a little farfetched because no one gets buried within 24 hours, right? That’s some crazy turnover.
  • This seems to be the only one with a little comedic relief.
  • Ohhhhhh Alex (Edward Judd), you double-crossin’ yella-bellly son of a bitch. HE HAD IT COMIN’.
  • Great segment.
    • Segment 5: “Drawn and Quartered”
  • Moore’s (Tom Baker) beard is something.
  • How come whenever you walk into a place of voodoo, there are tribal drums to be heard but none to be seen? That’s the magic I guess.
  • Homeboy is DIPPING HIS ART HAND IN BOILING WATER I WOULDN’T. But ah, the power of voodoo.
  • A vase mysteriously breaks and Moore IMMEDIATELY slices a piece of bread. Oh, it’s for an experiment, nevermind. He just seemed so determined.
  • Wow, art dealers are the devil. This revenge is gonna be too sweet.
  • Bob Ross jacking Moore’s style.
  • tvoh8.jpegThere could be such a great modern day retelling of this story.
  • Whoa, paint thinner.
  • Gentleman’s club time is over, uh, gentlemen.

The Verdict:

A little bit of research shows that this DVD version is an edited theatrical version, and that a few bits were edited out. I’m not sure even any added gore or scenes would have made up for the flick’s dullness. It’s hard not to compare this one to Tales, but drawing from similar source material, this anthology comes out feeling like a cheap knockoff. I will say, thank god the film was as short as it was. I enjoyed the last two segments, but all around the anthology was a little weak, even with the storylines being classic EC.

Bloody Birthday (1981)

am_93t28317qsnvg9135_1300x1733Starring: Lori Lethin, Julie Brown, Joe Penny

Directed by Ed Hunt

Format: DVD

Tagline: “This is one birthday invitation you can’t refuse!”

Under the spell of a total solar eclipse, three women living in the same small town give birth simultaneously. The three children are angel faced, the best of friends and oh so innocent – but these little kids are the most lethal killers ever!

Just before a giant party to celebrate their mutual tenth birthdays, a series of gruesome murders begins. Like precision killing machines, the mini murderers can’t be stopped. Blood and death fuel their existence.”

You know, this blog started seven years ago. It was a place for me to go through my movie collection, whether to purge or to praise, and have fun while watching these movies. In the past three years, I got married, I moved to California, I subscribed to Netflix and Hulu, and the way I watched movies completely changed. But the collector in me never really stopped collecting. The modes changed, my budget certainly changed, but I never stopped plucking gems at the local thrift store or rental place. I’m at a point in my life now where the way I watch movies is changing yet again, and I want to dive in to my old physical media collection and discover/rediscover these flicks I picked up long ago.

Bloody Birthday was a recent acquisition during a trip to Las Vegas where we were conducting interviews for Survival of the Film Freaks. I didn’t realize that I was familiar with the alternate birthday cake artwork until after I purchased the above DVD, did some more research, and discovered they were the same movie. Aside from being familiar with the cover, I knew nothing about the film, but I assumed it was just another slasher.


  • Eclipse births. Gotta be something wrong there.
  • Look, maybe it’s a generational thing, but cemetery hookups were never in my or my peers vocabulary.
  • Punk ass kids asking for no homework on their birthday, c’mon. bloodybirthday2
  • Debbie (Elizabeth Hoy) has got such a look, actually super creepy because she looks like a little cherub.
  • But then you find out she’s pimping out her sister Beverly’s habitual (un)dressing routine and you’re like…you’re 10 years old.
  • Astrology is gonna be a huge factor in this one, huh?
  • Little blonde Steven, however, already looks like a bully and is definitely gonna mess some people up.
  • And then freaking four-eyes Curtis over here, THIS kid’s got some issues.
  • Yeah, Steven is a cop killer.
  • At least there’s one kid in this town with a good head on his shoulders. Thanks, Timmy! But now you’ve got a target on your back.
  • Curtis, that’s a really real looking fake gun, dude. Don’t tote that around the junkyard.
  • When I was a kid, I was absolutely petrified of getting locked in a refrigerator in a junkyard. Timmy is living my nightmare, while Curtis is just living his best self.
  • Timmy now you’re exposing Debbie’s pimp kingdom, you are DIGGING YOURSELF A HOLE BUDDYBOY.
  • Debbie’s got a scrapbook of victims/potential victims. This is the first recorded “Burn Book.”
  • I’m just realizing Debbie set her own sheriff Dad up to die. Cold.
  • Oh Curtis has got the sheriff’s gun. Oh he shot the gun. Oh this is a bold choice.
  • “Have you ever played doctor?” Debbie, you are 10. I know you’re cold and you were born during an eclipse and you’re killing people. But that’s a lot.
  • How these two ten-year olds are chasing Joyce through a junkyard with a car is beyond me but damn, it’s entertaining.
  • Curtis ’bout to paint the town RED with that glock. 718_bloody-birthday-thumb-610xauto-1772
  • So it’s the moon and the sun’s fault for blocking Saturn on the day of their birth. And “Saturn controls emotions and how you treat people.”
  • Is there no Lover’s Lane for these kids to park their van? We’re just gonna do it on a residential street? And then no one is gonna hear Curtis fire the gun?
  • Remember how their teacher, Debbie’s father and a handful of kids died in the past couple days and this birthday party still has fifty people there? The show must go on, I guess.
  • Mighty Mouse party!
  • All of these kids are killer kids, but Curtis is the worst by far. Debbie is the brains, Steven is the muscle, but Curtis is a god damn assassin.
  • Oh my god, Curtis, ANT POISON in icing?
  • Curtis knows, no one can resist frosting.
  • #TeamJoyce. #WhereIsSaturn?
  • Joyce’s boyfriend is a stupid idiot who can’t just sneak into houses DO YOU KNOW WHAT’S HAPPENING IN THIS TOWN?
  • Ohhhhhhh Beverly, you wild child, you’re not gonna like what you find in Debbie’s room.
  • What I wouldn’t give to dial a rotary telephone just one more time.
  • Debbie is finally gonna do some dirty work…
  • What’s the end game for this little terrors?
  • Debbie, you’ve caused your mom to be 5150’d. You are sinister.
  • I’m realizing more and more how freaking crazy it is that these kids are just getting away with this stuff because no one believes they’d do it! That thought alone kinda freaks me out.
  • Joyce, you don’t want to babysit Debbie. And you know that.
  • Debbie, you sly dog.

The Verdict:

What a mean-spirited flick. I dug the ambiguity of their reasons behind the killings, and those kids actually freaked me out a little bit. Their ability to turn from killers into normal, innocent kids was uncanny and unnerving. The film doesn’t have a lot going on in/for it, but the last few segments of killing and uncovering more information about the murders is great. The DVD transfer that I have was garbage, but this trailer really gives a good visual.

Fresh Eyes: Halloween II (1981)

FRESH EYES is a series where Kyle watches highly acclaimed horror films for the first time.

HalloweenIIStarring: Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Pleasence, Dick Warlock

Directed by Rick Rosenthal

Format: Blu-Ray

“Picking up exactly where the first film left off, Halloween II follows the same ill-fated characters as they once again encounter the knife-wielding maniac they thought they had left for dead. It seems the inhuman Michael Myers is still very much alive and out for more revenge as he stalks the deserted halls of the Haddonfield Memorial Hospital. As he gets closer to his main target, Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasence) discovers the chilling mystery behind the crazed psychopath’s actions.”

Halloween II was never really on my “To Watch” list. I loved the first film and didn’t really care enough to explore the rest of the franchise. Or I would’ve watched the rest, but never wanted to spend the money on them. It wasn’t until I went to HorrorHound’s Jamie Lee Curtis event in 2012 that I found interest in the film (along with the rest of the franchise). So, that Christmas I received Scream Factory’s release of Halloween II and I STILL haven’t gotten around to it…until now.

Honestly, I don’t know a lot about the film. So here goes nothing.

My Thoughts:

  • Like, I get it, but I’m just so in love with the original score that dropping it in the flashback is a bummer.
  • Though I did like seeing The Shape fall off of the balcony.
  • So much evil was radiating off of his body that he left a complete print in the grass
  • “You don’t know what death is!” And then Loomis should have shot the neighbor and blamed it on Michael.
  • How confused must the old lady be that just had her knife stolen by the boogeyman?
  • News spreads fast, man. The radio is already reporting about the murders?
  • Razorblades in candy, that might be the scariest thing in this movie so far. That’s not a gripe, that’s just scary to me in general.
  • Laurie is mad popular amongst the hospital crowd, and that’s before they even know what she’s in for.
  • That’s right, Loomis and Brackett should leave that police officer alone to watch the burning body of the boy he just killed. You think about what you’ve done.
  • Jimmy just walked in to Laurie’s hospital room while she rests. Jimmy’s gonna touch boobs, I think.

Halloween2 Laurie and Jimmy

  • Nevermind.
  • Loomis can’t catch a break. He’s just one man trying to protect a town from evil.
  • Wow, great mirror shot with Visitor Parking.
  • Dude, I could go for a pizza too. So on point.
  • Michael, you’re not a baby. Whatcha doing in the maternity ward?!
  • Jimmy, you’re an employee, not a hoodlum. Abide by the hospital rules even though you seem like a good dude so far.
  • Oh man, that wide shot with “Happy Halloween” so clearly through the hospital room door. Beautiful.
  • Dumpster cats, they’ll get you every time. Hey, it’s better than dumpster babies. Sorry. I’m sorry. SORRY.
  • Mr. Garrett, why would anyone be in the storage closet when the padlock (though it’s unlocked) is keeping the doors closed?
  • Wait, I know Michael has supernatural powers (kind of), but how did he get to the hospital so fast?
  • Mother of God, Ben Tramer.
  • So wait, there are no other patients in this hospital? Not one? I love the tone that it sets but c’mon.
  • Aw shit, that flashback though.
  • Oh god, nah dude. Not that hydrotherapy tub. Nope.
  • “Sam Hain?” Lol.
  • Michael Myers’ knowledge of the medical field is astounding.


  • When Michael stabs pillows, cue “WON’T GET FOOLED AGAIN.”
  • Everything is so dreamlike. Michael waling down the half-lit hospital corridor. So good.
  • I wouldn’t say that all hope is lost when Loomis leaves, he wasn’t doing too much to begin with. I love the guy, but he’s just no help.
  • RIP Laurie Strode’s ankle.
  • Rule of thumb, I suggest never going towards the red light, or using an elevator during an emergency.
  • Secret Myers file? Dope. Laurie is Michael’s sister? Doper.
  • C’mon Strode, find your inner strength.
  • We know that bullets don’t work, Loomis. I just don’t trust it.
  • I know that both Halloween and Halloween II use the same mask, but I love the way this one looks. It’s always lit interestingly and the shape of it on Dick Warlock’s head looks SO good.
  • Loomis has to go down with the ship, just like any captain.
  • Michael coming out of the fire, though.

The Verdict:

You know, it’s a slow film. Sometimes it just drags on and on. An empty hospital can only be filled with so much, you know? But the film is filled with more violence and gore in order to keep up with the changing tides in horror filmmaking, and I can’t help but kind of like that. When judging the film, you have to try to look at Halloween and Halloween II as separately as you can. And Halloween II is a slower paced, low-key slasher movie. The purpose of Fresh Eyes isn’t to look at something like Halloween II on its own too much, though, because it’s important to horror fans due to its placement within a franchise. Nothing will be Halloween, I certainly never expected this to, and Halloween II is probably the best film that could have followed up the original.

Bug (1975)

BugStarring: Bradford Dillman, Joanna Miles, Jamie Smith Jackson

Directed by Jeannot Szwarc

Format: DVD

Tagline: “Fiery, Hungry and Unstoppable, Pray They Don’t Invade Your House!”

“Legendary horror writer-producer-director William Castle presents a creeping, crawling film nightmare that will have you screaming and squirming with fright! A massive Earth tremor opens a deep crevasse in the California desert, releasing a bizarre, fiery, deadly breed of foot-long cockroaches. With their numbers multiplying and the death toll mounting, obsessive entomologist Bradford Dillman desperately seeks a way to eliminate the seemingly indestructible critters before they spread clear across the country…and beyond!”

My Story: 

I don’t even know, guys. I don’t know. I think part of me was like, “It’s not Friedkin’s Bug, but whatever!” I don’t know anything about it besides the fact that it (probably) has bugs in it.

My Thoughts:

  • Initial thoughts: I hate bugs. This oughta be fun.
  • Not gonna knock it for its PG-rating. The MPAA was a whole lot different back then.
  • William Castle had his hands all up in this. I can dig it.
  • This is the prequel to Joe’s Apartment, right?
  • Churches without air conditioning: horrible.
  • Guys, of course your church is gonna cave in due to bugs when it’s made out of straight plywood.
  • I don’t know how that woman expected the phone to work after the church almost collapsed.
  • Those little buggers (HA!) made a car explode. Looks like we’re dealing with some serious roaches.
  • The bugs’ first plan of attack is to obviously destroy all the cars. Good move.
  • But seriously, fuck loud bugs.
  • This squirrel crawled on a professor’s shoulder and all the girls in the classroom swoon. Dudes WISH it was that easy.
  • “I think we’ve got ourselves a six-legged boy scout here.” I’m not sure that’s what that is, sir.
  • Whoever thought of this bug creature really hit the nail on the head. A blind cockroach that starts fires.
  • The cockroaches are burning up the professor’s car, so he closes the garage door for NO ventilation. I know this is a stressful time, sir, but have some common sense.
  • The soundtrack to this film was just someone fucking around on a keyboard.
  • “Woman always needs extra dishes.” OH, GOOD ONE.
  • Whoa, weird exploding bug close up.
  • I’m sorry lady, you were out going for a walk? What are you stupid?
  • The weird thing about this movie is that these characters aren’t introduced well, and I have no idea what anybody’s name is. Hence “sir” and “lady” and probably “dumb idiot.”
  • The stunt double for this woman who’s on fire looked very much like a man.
  • I don’t know, we’re an hour into the movie and they are still “studying” the bugs, not attempting to exterminate them.
  • Eerie music when these bugs are just chilling. Again, I hate bugs, but they aren’t making this very scary. Except for the whole idea that these bugs can set fire.
  • There wasn’t really a climax except for maybe, MAYBE, that woman being on fire.
  • Smart move, professor. Turn the bugs on themselves and….cry? Why are you crying? Why is he crying? Guys?
  • For a scientist, this guy takes zero precaution. C’mon, man.
  • Action shot of a bug jumping through glass. Awesome.
  • Aw hell, the ground is glowing red.

The Verdict:

Well, it was certainly a movie. I’ve been only so neutral about a few movies, and this is one of them. I mean, the idea is there. The storyline isn’t. But some of the action is there. But some of the character development isn’t. It seemed sort of half-assed. But, you know, sometimes it’s alright. I didn’t go in with huge expectations and I’m certainly not disappointed because of it. I think this opened the doors for Szwarc’s Jaws II though, which I know we’re all thankful for. I think.