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Secrets in the Attic (1992)

Starring: Amy Rowse, Lindsay Jackson, Rebekah Baker

Directed by Dianne Haak

Format: VHS

Tagline: “A mysterious dollhouse comes alive when two sisters discover its startling secrets!”

“With a mom who doesn’t ‘understand’ her, and a kid sister to cramp her style, 12-year-old Amy Treloar is looking for some independence.  Spending the summer with her quirky aunt Clare seems to be just what the doctor ordered…until Amy discovers a secret attic and a magical dollhouse with a bizarre secret, turning everyone’s life upside down!  When Amy finds out her grandparents died in Aunt Clare’s house under mysterious circumstances–some thirty years ago, she starts investigating.  Amy’s convinced the dolls are trying to tell her something, but no one will believe her.  Only when her pesky sister LuAnn joins her, is Amy able to summon up the courage to go back up in the attic one more time.  Together, the sleuthing sisters decipher the dollhouse’s message, solve a 30-year old mystery and learn a valuable lesson about the importance of family.”

The Story:

This TV movie is based off of the book The Dollhouse Murders by Betty Ren Wright. In fifth grade, we read the book and then watched the movie. Never before have I remembered so vividly anything we watched in school (except maybe Voyage of the Mimi). It was actually scary to us youngins. The idea of these grandparents being murder and there being a haunted dollhouse in the attic. And then the grandmother’s CRY. Oh my god. I’ll post the clip after my thoughts, but holy shit it was scary. And it stuck with me ever since. A few years ago, that cry rang in my brain, and I needed to find this movie. I contacted my elementary school and asked if they still had the movie. They did. Then I didn’t watch it after I borrowed it and had to return it. So then I tried to find it on my own, and ended up buying the cheapest VHS copy of it I could…for $40. Yes, I know, it’s ridiculous to spend that much money on a VHS movie of something I saw in fifth grade. It’s cool though, my mom got it for me. Anyway, here’s what I thought.

My Thoughts:

  • Vidmark Entertainment?…more like SKIDMARK. lololololol sorry.
  • Actually, the slow-motion sequence in the beginning is GREAT. Not too slow, and works well as a flashback.
  • However, every lamp in their house is knocked over.
  • This florist is being a complete asshole to a mentally challenged girl. And I remember that sequence almost EXACTLY from fifth grade.
  • I wish Wes Craven directed this.
  • Why does Aunt Clare live in a house where all the furniture is covered in sheets?
  • That is a large dollhouse.
  • Aunt Clare was spoiled rotten at 15 if she didn’t like this dollhouse. But, you know, her grandparents also got MURDERED, so.
  • Clare ain’t got no fraaaaaaaands.
  • Pre-teen angst.
  • Amy’s mom is a bitch.
  • “Poor stupid LuAnn, she doesn’t know about diddlysquat.”
  • Everybody has stupid pants in this movie.
  • “Wait til you see what’s up in the attic.” WHAT IS IT? SECRETS?!?!?!
  • “You know, this is a great house.” Yeah, all except for the murderous past.
  • Yo, Aunt Clare’s fudge is probably dope.
  • This is the prequel to Amityville Dollhouse.
  • Serious library snooping.
  • Oh man, Amy just found out about the grandparents.
  • Clare’s BOYFRIEND got killed on the same night? Oh man 😦
  • Any back story on why Clare cooks so often?
  • Oh my god, Amy is picking up tapes for the party. Like cassette tapes. Early-90s birthdays were the best.
  • “I know how to read. I made a potholder.” Oh LuAnn. You simple, simple girl.
  • The police questioned a cleaning lady and handyman. Any more leads?
  • Aunt Clare is PISSED at Amy. And now she thinks that Amy put the dolls in the murder positions. Oh man.
  • Nothing scarier than a grandfather clock at a dutch tilt. 15 year-old looks like she’s dating a 30 year-old man.
  • Almost none of these actors did anything other than this TV movie.
  •  LuAnn is cuddling with her sock puppet.
  • Amy just said “no” to having eggrolls at her birthday party. What an idiot.
  • “She’s never been challenged.” Bad choice of words when talking about LuAnn.
  • Nobody remembers their previous emotions about an
  • Oh my god, they are not singing “The Ghost Of John” at the birthday party. Who does this?
  • The song is summoning the attic dollhouse spirits. I think.
  • LuAnn has escaped!
  • Family turmoil.
  • My favorite part is when they repeat back what JUST happened in the film, like, five minutes earlier.
  • The way the film treats a mentally challenged character is offensive. I understand that there is supposed to be “trouble” with her, but it’s unacceptable the way she’s portrayed.
  • Stop-motion murder reenactments with dolls are scary.
  • Some weird morals going on at the end, here. What the hell?
  • Parts of this were still scary. I hate myself.

The Verdict:

It’s a long, drawn out, repetitive mystery that could easily be told in 60 minutes. The acting is rough, and the storyline with the mentally challenged sister doesn’t translate well into early-90s TV. But the “scary” parts were still well worth it to see again. When you’re younger, you can easily forgive the mood swings and emotional shifts in characters, but now it’s just difficult to understand why any character is feeling the way that they do. But like, just watch this clip and you’ll understand why I needed this.


Zipperface (1992)

Starring: Donna Adams, David Clover, Jonathan Mandell

Directed by Mansour Pourmand

Format: DVD (Value DVD to be exact)

Tagline: “You can’t hide the face of fear!

“ZIPPERFACE is the nickname a frustrated police department gives to a mysterious leather clad serial killer whose hideous black leather mask sports a huge silver zipper covering his mouth. ZIPPERFACE is on the rampage, terrorizing the city with bizarre, cool, and calculated murders. The police can find a clue, as victims of ZIPPERFACE continue to mount. Beautiful female detective Ryder who is handling the case has no choice but to go undercover as a decoy to try to solve the mystery, only to find that she is now become the killer’s obsession.

ZIPPERFACE is a tightly crafted thriller that will keep you riveted and hanging on tightly to the edge of your seat!”

My Story:

Yeah, I doubt that. I bought this movie at a grocery store in Fillmore, NY for $1. It is in the exact paper sleeve that you see pictured above. Value DVD in English and Español! I made the mistake of reading a few reviews prior to watching this. I don’t think it’s going to be a very fun night. Let’s watch Zipperface, anyway.

My Thoughts:

  • Pretty intense police raid/hostage situation happening in Palm City, California to start off the movie.
  • The head detective looks like Ron Perlman.
  • They did NOT just censor him saying “motherfucker.” Oh god if this is an edited DVD I’m going to go insane.
  • No, nevermind, she just said “shit.”
  • The prostitutes just said that the killer was a “regular.” I don’t know about that.
  • Um…he just snapped a woman’s neck with a whip.
  • The hookers got away!
  • Sexism in the workplace. Yikes.
  • Why is this landlady being so uncooperative? it’s not hard to answer the police’s questions.
  • “I don’t like girls being called chicks, babes, or broads.” “What about bimbo?”
  • The photographer that takes pictures of prostitutes seems like he would be the prime suspect.
  • Alright, twenty minutes in and it’s made very clear who the killer is.
  • Why would the prostitute go out again after almost being killed?
  • Now the photographer is trying to seduce the detective. Oh yikes.
  • Is the soundtrack to this all MIDI?
  • Camera+wine=total seduction.
  • “Nobody minds too much if a few hookers get killed!”
  • They keep censoring “fuck.”
  • The movie spends too much time in every scene. So basically, I’d prefer if the movie didn’t exist.
  • Are you naked under that robe? Am I bothering you?” People don’t talk like this ever.
  • They even censored all the sex! For a movie about hookers and murder, they sure did cut a lot out.
  • Zipperface is no longer killing just hookers, he’s now killing mediocre theater actors.
  • Nevermind, didn’t kill the male actor. Whose name is Alvin. Just the theater owner and female actress.
  • They just pulled some Scooby-Doo shit, and pulled a wig off of a “suspect.” And then totally discriminated against crossdressers. Real nice.
  • You know when you try to have a conversation using only questions? Or when you hear every like, third sentence of a conversation? That’s what this movie is.
  • The misogynistic coworker is the most annoying character in this movie. Which is saying a lot because I’ve been annoyed since minute one.
  • Where did this weird political storyline come from?
  • The lighting in this makes me want to cry.
  • Detective Ryder has said “don’t worry I’m a cop” multiple times.
  • Wow, they cut out all nudity, blood, and f-words on this value DVD. Not that any of it could’ve saved this movie, but still.
  • I guess it wasn’t who I thought the killer was! WHATATWIST!

The Verdict:

I buy Value DVDs for a reason, and that reason is usually because they are bad and hard to come by (usually). Well, this was bad in the worst way, and I’m UPSET I came by it, even. Just a really, really poor movie that I picked up out of my horrendous impulse to buy dumb stuff. Hopefully the three other Value DVDs I picked up are better thanZipperface.Mansour Pourmand has luckily made nothing similar since.

Let’s Scare Jessica to Death (1971)

Starring: Zohra Lampert, Barton Heyman, Kevin O’Connor, Gretchen Corbett, Alan Manson and Mariclare Costello

Directed by John Hancock

Format: DVD

Tagline: “Nightmares or Sanity…Which is Which?”

“Something is after Jessica. Something very cold, very wet…and very dead…”

“Finally released from an institution after suffering a nervous breakdown, Jessica (Zohra Lampert) seeks the tranquility of a secluded home in Connecticut to help make her recovery complete. But instead of a restful recuperation with her husband Duncan (Barton Heywood) and a close friend (Kevin O’Connor) in the New England countryside, Jessica soon finds herself falling into a swirling vortex of madness and the supernatural. And an even more unsettling discovery is that the entire region seems to be under the influence of a mysterious woman the trio finds living in the supposedly empty house. Jessica’s fear and dread only intensify when she discovers that the ‘undead’ girl, Emily, tragically drowned long ago, on her wedding day. Is she back to take vengeance…and scare Jessica to death?”

My Story:

It’s been just over a year since I purchased this film. The reasons why I bought it remain somewhat unclear. My sister’s name is Jessica, I live in Connecticut, and it’s supposedly an underrated horror film. So, I bought it. And now I’m watching it. That plotline sounds all over the place though, huh?

My Thoughts:

  • I have a bad feeling this is going to prevent me from falling asleep tonight…
  • Connecticut, what a state.
  • Creepy voiceover exposition via Jessica…
  • Why was she tracing gravestones? what? Who does that? Though the other question would be, why are they traveling in a hearse?
  • Why do people keep appearing and disappearinggggg???!?!?!
  • I hate when there’s a lot of sound, then just quiet. It’s always eerie, no matter what.
  • She already has voices in her head, and we’re nine minutes in.
  • Wow, wow, this is frightening. I had straight-on shots as much as I hate the dead silence.
  • I hope the back cover didn’t spoil this Emily character for us…
  • They’re all sitting around a dinner table. I hope this turns into The Big Chill.
  • Oh yeah Emily, you’re just gonna hold a seance out of nowhere?
  • Woody is tryna get the moves on Emily.
  • Emily is a ghastly seductress.
  • Simple music is the scariest. Always.
  • I don’t understand how they’re just raiding this house and selling the loot in town.
  • Remind me not to read the back cover before the film…I have a feeling it got spoiled 😦
  • Supposedly this town is filled with old guys.
  • How did he not see that body while fishing?
  • When anybody screams or yells in films from the 70s, it’s much more frightening.
  • It is so uncomfortable watching people breakdown. And not a stereotypical sob, but like a breakdown that seems like it’s unique to them and only them. Lampert’s freakout in bed was so well done.
  • That cheating son of a bitch…
  • Everyone is turning against Jessica now….oh boy.
  • Emily, GTFO alright? I’m tired of your stupid weird shit.
  • Loud whispers are also scary.
  • Don’t go back in the house, are you stupid? Ughhhh this is so uncomfortableeeee.
  • The thing about me turning down the volume in fright, is that I can’t hear the whispers. Dilemma.
  • Woody, never trust a woman just wearing a wedding dress out of the blue.
  • Ghost town.
  • Jessica, passing out in the woods is not a great idea. And you can’t trust your husband after he just finds you.
  • Oh and Jessica, there’s no winning.

The Verdict:

I liked this. There’s something about horror films from the late 60s and early 70s that make them so much scarier than horror now. I think it’s a mixture of the subject matter, as well as the execution of some of the suspenseful or scary parts of the film. There aren’t jump scares, there isn’t (usually) a ton of blood. It’s much simpler. And simple is scary. That’s what I appreciated most about this, as well as Lampert’s performance. But the story wasn’t GREAT. It was good and seemed original, but it wasn’t superb. This is a keeper though, without a doubt.

Part 3 of 4: Memory (2006)

FILM 3Memory

Starring: Billy Zane, Tricia Helfer, Ann-Margret and Dennis Hopper

Directed by Bennett Joshua Davlin

Format: DVD 4 Films Collector’s Set Horror

“When Dr. Taylor Briggs (Billy Zane) is exposed to a mysterious drug while lecturing in Brazil, he is forced to relive the dark, twisted memories of a killer whose work may not be over.”

My Story:

Two down, two to go in the Collector’s Set.  Memory is the next movie for a couple of reasons.  I like Dennis Hopper and Ann-Margaret and I would like to see how they act together.  I also want to save Bloody Mary for last, because I’m sure that’ll be really fun to watch.  I hope this doesn’t turn out to be like Salvage and it’s all dreams and hallucinations.

My Thoughts:

  • Thanks for the definition of “memory.”
  • “Trying to cure a disease takes time.” Oh thanks Terry Chen.
  • Billy Zane cut a glove! That’s never a good sign.
  • What did I say about hallucinations?! Zane goes from his bathroom to a lake in a matter of seconds…
  • Zane got the powder in his skin!  Well, I guess there isn’t too much of a mystery there.
  • Yeah Boston!
  • This collection is absolutely 0 for 3 on music so far.  That sounded like it was going to be the soundtrack to a romantic movie when the man realizes he loves the girl (or vice versa).
  • I would’ve preferred if Hopper yelled “Pabst Blue Ribbon!” instead of “It’s Miller Time.”
  • Time travel, dreams, hallucinations…all sounds familiar.
  • I walk around with contaminated substances too, no big deal.
  • Tricia Helfer is sassy.
  • Treasure Chest?!
  • Memoriesssssssss
  • That was some sad music.  Unnecessarily sad.
  • POWER OUTAGE out of NOWHERE! Or was it just a hallucination?
  • Dennis Hopper’s frustration of too many remotes.  I hate this montage of time passing.
  • Tricia Helfer, could you say “I hope you’re hungry” any more seductively?
  • See, if everyone who had a crazy thought just told the truth in the first place, there wouldn’t be awkward situations like the ones in this movie.
  • “If this stuff happened over 30 years ago, isn’t it too late to help them now?” Uh, NO. Have you ever seen “Cold Case Files?” A DUH.
  • Lighting fires since 1971.
  • Transferring memories to offspring?! That’s kinda crazy.
  • I don’t understand why Zane broke into a house…or why the family photo is so poorly Photoshopped.
  • …wait…I think I may be starting to get this.
  • Ann-Margret…PLEASE break in to “Bye Bye Birdie.” You can single-handedly save this movie.
  • Red shoes ALWAYS give it away.
  • Whoa, whoa.  There are a ton of dolls hanging from the ceiling. That was super creepy.
  • Ann-Margret on the attack!
  • Whenever Zane does something heroic, the camera shot is head on and he makes a superhero face.
  • Oh jeez, that family reunion almost brought a tear to my eye 😦
  • Not even a twist ending, or a sequel ending.  But like, a trick ending. An “oh hey, look at that!” ending.

The Verdict:

There isn’t too much to say about this movie.  It wasn’t great. I felt as if it dragged quite a bit here and there, and it just barely broke even by the end.  It wasn’t bad either though.  The story was actually clever.  And I also commend Bennett Davlin for directing the film that’s based off of his own novel.  That’s pretty rad.  The whole idea of transferring memories genetically is really interesting.  Mix that with a murder mystery, and it’s pretty intelligent.  But the down side to having a story so intelligent is that the viewer can easily get lost in any conclusions/connections the characters come to.  Or maybe, the whole story wasn’t evenly spread throughout the movie.  I was lost at some parts, then some things moved too fast.  The pacing was a bit off.  I really enjoyed the conclusion however, and the mystery’s answer, for lack of a better term.  I was unfortunately bored more than entertained.  The best film in this Collector’s Set no doubt.

Manhunter (1986)

Starring: William Petersen, Brian Cox, Dennis Farina and Stephen Lang

Directed by Michael Mann

Format: DVD

“Former FBI profiler Will Graham reluctantly returns to his old job to track a horrific serial killer known as the ‘Tooth Fairy.’  But in order to get into the mind of this maniac, Graham must face another: Hannibal, the imprisoned psychiatrist whose own insanity almost cost Graham his life…and whose insights into the Tooth Fairy could prove as dangerous as the killer himself.”

My Story:

I heard about this movie on some Bravo countdown I think, and then later found out that it was the first in the Hannibal Lecktor (Lecter) series. I really enjoyed The Silence of the Lambs, as did my girlfriend (who you probably remember from the Trick or Treat post). So I bought the movie and it’s been sitting around waiting for the both of us to sit down and watch it.  We will today as a bit of a breather from the 4 Films Collector’s Set I’ve been dealing with.  She decided not to co-write on this one, but I’m sure she’ll have something good to add.

My Thoughts:

  • I really liked that opening sequence.
  • I wonder if I should watch Petersen’s performance thinking about Gil Grissom or just as Will Graham.
  • Are they building a garden on the beach? What IS that?
  • They keep talking about Graham “going back,” I wish they’d just say what it is he’s going back to.
  • My god, that bedroom was destroyed!
  • That telephone ring sounded pretty bad.  It sounded like dying batteries.
  • My guess is that the murderer is going to come after Will’s wife…especially by this suspenseful music.
  • What a terrible jump cut! That was awful.
  • Will Graham is angry.
  • Okay, this guy is a serial killer?  I thought he was just a one-time killer.
  • “The Tooth Fairy”…really?
  • Can you get a thumbprint off of an eye? Is that possible? Oh, they said thigh, not eye. Thanks, Carly.
  • Will Graham just somersaulted a reporter onto a car! Badass.
  • That must be a newly painted prison! Those cells are perfectly white!
  • Lecktor is pretty good in this movie…I think I like Anthony Hopkins more though.
  • I liked the way he said “privacy.”
  • Oh man, this Lecktor is slyyyyyyyy. Nevermind about Hopkins.
  • How embarrassing, Will Graham WOULD leave his folder of bloody pictures open.
  • That suit jacket Graham is wearing looks glittery…
  • Graham is very intense about the Tooth Fairy.
  • I write on toilet paper all the time.
  • Did they just have a Bible kicking around the office? That was quick.
  • It WASN’T the Bible?! WHAT!
  • Stephen Lang always plays the most annoying characters very well.
  • I have lost track of what’s going on, you really have to keep up with all the evidence and discoveries.
  • Get ’em Tooth Fairy, get ’em!
  • The Tooth Fairy needs to get his cable fixed. That TV is going crazy.
  • The Tooth Fairy’s nuts.
  • I can’t say much more without giving it away…I just want to keep shouting and writing “NO!” and “WHAT?!”
  • This is crazy.
  • Nice Folgers product placement.
  • Classic hand on a glass pane looking longingly.  So sad Will Graham
  • The Tooth Fairy’s sun glasses are dope.
  • “Ride with me, it would be because I would like you to.” Such a smooth line, Tooth Fairy.
  • Carly-“This is getting real creepy, real fast.” Why yes it is.
  • Wait til this woman finds out the Tooth Fairy KILLS people.
  • Sketchball van.
  • The 80s music is real bad.
  • …The conclusion Will Graham is coming to isn’t making sense yet…OH, I got it.
  • Every single officer in the station, MOVE OUT.
  • Oh, that officer definitely has a concussion.
  • That ending was intense!

The Verdict:

We actually finished watching this movie before I finished Mortuary because it seemed like this was going to be SO much better.  And it was, by far.  It was just a really great movie, both of us thought.  Up until the very, very end.  Carly wasn’t a fan, and I can’t say I loved it either.  It could’ve ended better, but it wasn’t terrible.  But overall, I thought the movie was great.  While watching, you actually felt as if you were studying the case just as much as the detectives.  You were making the connections along with them, and tracing a killer.  Until about three-quarters in when you know who the killer is, and how he is living life.  But that doesn’t take anything away from the mystery of where he is and what he’ll do next.  Sometimes the connections that the detectives made moved a little to fast to comprehend, but you caught right back up at their next discovery.  Some shaky editing here and there, but I was so wrapped up in the story that I could’ve cared less.  A thriller I would highly recommend.

Part 1 of 4: Salvage (2006)


Starring: Lauren Currie Lewis, Cody Darbe and Chris Ferry

Directed by Joshua and Jeffrey Crook

Format: DVD 4 Films Collector’s Set Horror

“Claire Parker is going to die.  At the hands of a sadistic and depraved killer, she will endure a terrifying, unimaginably brutal death-and it will all happen again.”

My Story:

My Aunt got me this Collector’s Set a while ago, and I never got to watching any of them.  I picked Salvage first because I’m quite tired, it’s the shortest one, and I hope that this is alright and the others aren’t any worse.  Not too much of a story, but what can I say?

My Thoughts:

  • It starts off in an automobile salvage yard.  Get it?
  • Uh oh, doesn’t Claire know not to take rides with strangers?
  • Camera shot of a tarp in the bed of the truck…stranger named Duke picking up Claire in her boyfriend Jimmy’s truck…this isn’t going too well.
  • Wow, Duke actually dropped her off at her house!  Maybe he WAS Jimmy’s friend.
  • “I just want to make sure you’re not dead or something!”-Claire on Jimmy’s voicemail. I think he’s under the TARP in Duke’s TRUCK.
  • Oh my God! Duke was in the house! That was graphic…
  • Wait…the whole scenario is happening again?  Oh, nevermind, it’s just Jimmy picking her up.
  • Ha, they’re horny teenagers.  It figures.
  • The music is throwing me off a bit.  It’s pretty bad.
  • Duke is on the bleachers! Don’t start doing sexual things UNDER them!  Oh okay, all is well now.
  • Don’t fall asleep in the bathtub Claire! Duke is just like Freddy Kruger.
  • If the voice was louder from the bathroom than from the basement…it’s probably not coming from the basement.  I feel like this would be mentioned on All That’s “Vital Information for Your Everyday Life.”
  • Did she really just see Duke in a field…or was it just her imagination?
  • Did she really just see Duke running for the police K-9 unit…or was it her imagination?
  • Did she really just see Duke in the mirror…or should I stop asking stupid questions like this?
  • Claire really shouldn’t be working graveyard shift at a gas station AND going to school.  Where’s the sleep in her schedule?
  • I bet her mother is dating Duke…
  • What is she doing, burning a lotto ticket on the job?!
  • They did a good job blurring the logos…not.
  • Is she really dreaming of Duke running from police again?  Sleeping on the job…OH MY GOD SOMEONE’S IN THE GAS STATION!
  • She pressed the silent alarm, yet she’s going to move away from the security monitors to go after the suspect herself with a tire iron…it just would’ve been easier to wait.
  • It’s DUKE! Aw nah.
  • Oh jeez, she’s thumbing out his eyes!  How can he see where he’s going?!  Oh, he’s just a dream…right.
  • The cops would be laughing at her.  They did NOT seriously ask her if she was high. HAHAHAHA!
  • So she was hallucinating…okay.
  • Duke is dead! Whaaaaaaaaat!?!
  • Claire is dunzo, she just woke up in Jimmy’s truck, by herself, in the middle of nowhere.  OR IS IT JUST A DREAM?!?!
  • “The only thing that’s real is what you feel…when I cut your head off.”-Duke.  Hands down, best line.
  • Wait, what! There’s another murderer in the house WITH Duke? The flashy shadow with the *SHINK* noise of a knife just appeared!  What’s happeninggggg?
  • “Bitch, are you crazy?”-Jimmy. Maybe the second best line.
  • Claire would go to Duke’s abandoned house.
  • “This place makes me want to take a crap.”-Jimmy. Who wrote his dialogue?
  • Wow, farting sound effects=not funny and completely out of place.
  • Alright, listen Crook Brothers…is Duke alive and killing Jimmy/Claire, or is Claire just insane?
  • Claire’s not even sad anymore, she’s seen this all before.
  • Oh wait, there’s the concern for Jimmy.
  • Is this gonna be some sort of Jacob’s Ladder deal?
  • The librarian absolutely just said “li-berry.”  Get your act together.
  • How is Duke’s mouth so big and out of focus? Ridiculous.
  • She’s not seriously gonna get away from Duke by pushing down the clutch of the truck and riding downhill.  What is this Night of the Living Dead?

The Verdict:

I would’ve liked the film if something was solved in the end.  I feel like the Crook Brothers used a lot of generic cop-outs for the film.  Like, they just took all of them and threw them into a film to see what they could do.  Hallucinations to dreams to waking up, you name it.  Apart from the story that was slightly repetitive, the acting was good.  And the filmmakers worked with their locations very nicely.  It was an eerie farm country setting in Ohio as good as any.  A well made film, though the story could’ve had a better conclusion.  Don’t get me wrong, it had me guessing til the end.  It just didn’t all piece together.  I don’t know if I completely missed something or if it was just lamesauce, as they say.  I wouldn’t recommend it, unless you’re looking for something to screw with your head a bit.  And not in the Saw kind of way, but like a mystery “what the hell?” kind of way.  Eh, I’ll forget about this whole movie in a week I’m sure.  OR IS IT JUST A DREAM?!