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Bambi (1942)

Bambi1989VHSStarring: Hardie Albright, Sam Edwards, Sterling Holloway

Directed by about seven different people

Format: VHS

Bambi. Acknowledged by generations of moviegoers as one of the greatest Disney animated Classics ever produced. This extraordinary movie miracle is most fondly remembered as Walt Disney’s favorite picture. The simple, heartwarming story of the newborn ‘prince of the forest’ reflects the universal joy in us all as we discover the wonders of life and the beauty of nature. Each new revelation, along with Bambi’s budding friendship with bashful Flower and fun-loving Thumper, elevate this beloved Classic to the status of Timeless Masterpiece.”

For my wife and I, a VHS copy of Bambi has more than likely been on our movie shelves our entire lives. When we married and consolidated, we kept a copy and that has been on our shelf for the four years we’ve been married. While discussing the VHS tapes we were going to get rid of before our cross-country move, we realized that neither of us remember ANYTHING about Bambi, and we likely has only seen the film maybe once as children. Let’s watch it.



  • The only trailer before the flick was the initial trailer for The Little Mermaid.
  • These early Disney flicks that have what my wife calls “an orchestral establishment of scenery.”
  • Animals are crazy, man.
  • Bambi is a prince? What?
  • Could you imagine waking up in the world and all these little animals were like, “Sup, Prince?” And then a scary ass owl was there.
  • My wife and friends frequently compare my lank and lack of coordination to Bambi trying to walk. “Kinda wobbly, isn’t he?”bambi walking.gif
  • Why won’t the forest creatures just give Bambi some space, jeez.
  • Bambi learning about the world is freaking adorable.
  • AH! The Natalie Merchant/Michael Stipe/Mark Bingham/The Roches version of “Little April Shower” is so good. Just a side note.
  • Wow, the thunderstorm scene is reminding me so much of how scared I was of thunderstorms as a kid. Like, my anxiety was through the roof.
  • The narratives of the early Disney films are so interesting. The story, the environment and the characters are there, but the film takes time to do these other scenes (the thunderstorm, the duckling testing the pond water) for seemingly no reason but to showcase their animation. Such a different time.
  • Thumper is such a troublemaker.
  • All I can think of is The Lion King. I’m waiting for “Circle of Life” to start playing.
  • Oh god, Bambi crying out for “Mother” is just as heartbreaking as I thought it would be.
  • Bambi On Ice would be the worst show ever.
  • If humans sleep a third of their lives away, what’s the percentage for other mammals?
  • Oh man, Bambi’s expectation was that he and mom would have gotten away because they did last time. That makes it worse.
  • “Dad, where were you when we needed you!?!” – Bambi, probably
  • Ornery owl. tumblr_mt41y0IgMx1qg6r11o1_500.gif
  • I remember NOTHING about Bambi going through deer puberty.
  • Also, where the hell was Bambi all this time? He went to find himself after his mom died?
  • “I feel like I always got Flower confused with Pepe Le Pew.” – my wife. Twitterpated skunks, yo.
  • Thumper, more like HUMPer, huh? #twitterpated
  • Bambi’s gotta throw down with Faline’s jealous ex.
  • The fight scene is gorgeous.
  • THAT BIRD JUST KILLED ITSELF. We need mental health access for birds.
  • Bambi will not break the cycle of deer violence if he keeps yelling for Faline.
  • Oh shit, here come the dogs.
  • That hunter probably thought he was the coolest when he shot Bambi mid jump.
  • A FIRE?!?!
  • “DAD, YOU WERE NEVER THERE, STOP YELLING AT ME.” Bambi, again, probably.
  • Only you can prevent forest fires. But you didn’t. Now look at this.
  • Don’t forget that 64 years later, a sequel to Bambi finally came out…

The Verdict:

Just like the original purpose for this blog, we watched Bambi because it has been on the shelf FOREVER. And now we had to consider whether we were keeping it or getting rid of it. This one is a sleeper, but a keeper. Enjoyed it enough, and the flick is short enough, to deem keepable (not a word). Maybe our kids will enjoy watching it on VHS/in general some day.